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![PupilFirst Logo](
![Pupilfirst Logo](
[![License: MIT](](
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Visit []( to view the full changelog.

## Features

Visit []( for a detailed explanation of Pupilfirst's features.

The rest of this README file discusses how to set up this repository for development.

## Setup for development

1. [Install and configure dependencies](#install-and-configure-dependencies)
@@ -216,14 +222,14 @@ This will generate coverage report as HTML within the `/coverage` directory.
If you make any changes to the GraphQL schema, you'll need to update the `graphql_schema.json` file by running an
introspection query.

With the PupilFirst server running, run the `graphql-codegen` script.
With the Pupilfirst server running, run the `graphql-codegen` script.

$ yarn run graphql-codegen

It'll visit the local GraphQL end-point which is configured in the `codegen.yml` file, fetch the schema and store it in
the `graphql_schema.json` file.

## Services
## Running Background Jobs

Background jobs are written using [Rails ActiveJob](, and deferred
using [delayed_job]( in the production environment.
@@ -233,7 +239,10 @@ application to defer them instead, you can execute the jobs with:

$ rake jobs:workoff

## Documentation
## Editing Documentation

The source of []( is stored in the `/docs` folder in this repo, and is
managed using [docsify](

First, install the docsify CLI globally:

@@ -244,5 +253,3 @@ Then serve the `docs` folder on the desired port.
$ docsify serve docs -p 3010

The `-p` option sets the port. Visit `localhost:PORT` to view docs locally.

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