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				CHR for SWI-Prolog

Authors and license

This package contains code  from  the   following  authors.  All code is
distributed under the SWI-Prolog  conditions   with  permission from the

	* Tom Schrijvers, K.U.Leuven
	* Christian Holzbaur
	* Jan Wielemaker

Files and their roles:

	# library(chr)
	Make user-predicates and hooks for loading CHR files available
	to the user.

	# library(chr/chr_op)
	Include file containing the operator declaractions

	# library(chr/chr_translate)
	Core translation module.  Defines chr_translate/2.	

	# library(chr/chr_debug)
	Debugging routines, made available to the user through
	library(chr).  Very incomplete.
	# library(chr/hprolog)
	Compatibility to hProlog.  Should be abstracted.

	# library(chr/pairlist)
	Deal with lists of Name-Value.  Used by


Work  in  progress.  The  compiler  source  (  contains
various `todo' issues. The debugger is  almost non existent. Future work
should  improve  on   the   compatibility    with   the   reference  CHR
documentation. Details on loading CHR files are subject to change.


CHR: Leuven Constraint Handling Rules


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