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bench @ 3b1b44a Updated bench Jan 31, 2018
boot Make JPL work under Wine Oct 15, 2018
cmake Various cmake issues Oct 15, 2018
customize Updated dotswiplrc: stack traces are enabled by default. Document and Apr 29, 2018
debian @ 9d6423e Updated debian Jul 2, 2018
demo Reindent example Dec 18, 2016
gen-files Remove MANUAL and from the generate-file downloads. Oct 2, 2018
library MODIFIED: qsave_program/2 does not add `.exe` on windows if the `stan… Oct 15, 2018
man Various cmake issues Oct 15, 2018
packages Updated clib Oct 15, 2018
scripts CMAKE: Deal with package dependencies Oct 12, 2018
src Various cmake issues Oct 15, 2018
.clang-format ADDED: .clang-format and scripts/, providing SWI-Prolog style Jan 15, 2017
.fileheader LICENSE: Updated header skeleton for new files Dec 31, 2015
.gitignore Ignore build dirs and generated tabling.tex Sep 23, 2018
.gitmodules ADDED: Package paxos Jun 27, 2018 CMAKE: Support -DSWIPL_SHARED_LIB=OFF to get a statically linked core. Oct 12, 2018
CMakeLists.txt Various cmake issues Oct 15, 2018
INSTALL Point to website to avoid duplicates Oct 28, 2016
LICENSE Renamed COPYING -> LICENSE. COPYING is a GPL convention. Jan 8, 2017 BUILD: make `configure --without-*` work Mar 11, 2016 Removed obsolete "Last update" line Oct 6, 2017
README.mingw WINDOWS: Binaries: updated OpenSSL to 1.1.0h and zlib to 1.2.11. Jun 1, 2018
VERSION Preparing version 7.7.19 Aug 26, 2018
build.templ ADDED: --enable-one-file option to create a single-file executable for Apr 24, 2018
configure BUILD: make `configure --without-*` work Mar 11, 2016
prepare Make `prepare` initialize paxos Jul 2, 2018
swipl.home This is the renamed swipl, pointing to the home Jan 31, 2010
swipl.rc Make built version of `swipl.rc` work if there are no packages. Oct 4, 2018

SWI-Prolog: A comprehensive Prolog implementation

Web home

Please find the up-to-date information on SWI-Prolog at


Documentation is available from several locations and in several formats.

  • Paper format can be ordered as print on demand and is available as PDF from the download page.

  • Several tutorials can be accessed from the Tutorials menu on the home page

  • A HTML version of the documentation is in the doc/Manual directory of the installation. Note that some packagers put this documentation elsewhere or require it to be installed seperately.

You can also install the website locally to use its richness if you are offline. It is available from