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CivOne has the following files/folder layout:


##Directory: .vscode This directory contains .json files that are used by Visual Studio Code. They contain the configuration used to compile and launch the code.

##Directory: api This directory contains the CivOne API project, which includes classes and interfaces that can be used to develop plugins. The API documentation will be placed on this wiki before the release of 0.1.0-alpha.1.

##Directory: bin This directory contains the compiled files that are generated by the .NET Core compiler.

##Directory: capture This directory contains screenshots that were made in-game by pressing Ctrl+F5 (normal screenshot) or Ctrl+F6 (in game full map screenshot).

##Directory: data This directory must be created in order to run CivOne. You must put your Sid Meier's Civilization game files into this directory.

##Directory: obj This directory is used by your compiler to store temporary files. It can safely be removed, it will be created each time you compile the project.

##Directory: plugins This is the directory that CivOne checks for possible plugins.

##Directory: resources This directory contains resource files for specific platforms, such as icon files.

##Directory: runtime This directory contains runtime projects, such as the SDL and the OpenTK runtimes.

##Directory: settings This directory contains saved settings.

##Directory: shared This directory contains the AssemblyInfo code file, which is used by all projects.

##Directory: sounds There's no sound support for Civilization for DOS sound files yet. As a temporary solution, support for the Civlization for Windows sound files was added. If you place the Civilization for Windows WAV files in this directory and the runtime supports it (currently only OpenTK, with SDL support coming soon), the game will play the appropriate sounds.

##Directory: src This directory contains the source files. It must only contain .cs files. Anything else does not belong here.

##Directory: xunit This directory contains unit tests for CivOne, although not a lot of units tests have been made yet.

##File: .gitignore This file is used by git. It contains information about files and folders that should not be committed when you make changes.

##File: CivOne.csproj The project file for the main CivOne library, which contains the game engine. Source files are located in the [src] directory.

##File: CivOne.sln The solution file for CivOne, used by Visual Studio and the DotNet Core compiler.

##File: LICENCE This file contains the CC0 Legal Code. In short, it tells you that CivOne belongs to the public domain, that it is free and has no copyrights. For more information:

##File: This file contains (or will contain) the game manual.

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