3D Game made in C++ and OpenGL for Computer Graphics course at AIT-Budapest.
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Mario Typer


Mario Typer by Soeren Walls

Created by Soeren Walls on 11/26/15. Copyright © 2015 Soeren Walls. All rights reserved.

All trademarks, trade names, and characters appearing in this game are the property of their respective owners, including in some instances Nintendo.

This is an educational (non-commercial) game created in a weekend, for the Computer Graphics course at AIT-Budapest.

Mario Typer 3D Game Demo Video

How to Play

Use arrow keys to move between stations. Type the word at a station in order to shoot fireballs at the incoming ghost enemy (Boo) before it gets to you.

Other Controls

  • Press 2 to Pause/Unpause.
  • Press F1 to switch to noclip camera and move with WASD + mouse.
  • Press F2 to toggle visible collision spheres.