Download playlists from YouTube as high quality mp3s and videos
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Allows the user to quickly and easily download whole YouTube playlists and convert them to high quality MP3 files. This is a WIP upgrade of my now defunct YouTubePlaylistDownloader repository.

Preview Screenshot

##Current Features

  • Accepts individual video URLs or YouTube playlist URLs
  • Automatically fills in the search bar with whatever is copied onto your clipboard
  • Save as raw video or choose from a selection of bitrates to convert to
  • Cancel in-progress downloads (not in the current GUI)
  • Multithreaded capability - 4 simultaneous downloads at a time

##Upcoming Features

  • Pause and resume downloads
  • Browse videos with a regular search query
  • Custom number of threads
  • Change download location
  • Change GUI skin

##Info for developers I have designed this software around a MVC (Model View Controller) pattern to allow for easy retheming and reskinning of the frontend interface. Take a look at the ExampleCLI class for a very basic example usage of how this application can even be turned into a console app. Please feel free to branch off and design your own interface, push it back to me, and I'll merge your work in!