Sample Go app, reference microservice
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CircleCI Coverage Status

Go sample app to use for new repos

This is a go sample repo. This was adapted from hydra.

This sample app will implement the following

  • Basic web server handling /v1/details and /v1/status request
  • This will communicate with Synq API
  • DB Connection with flyway setup
  • Tests with mocking
  • CircleCI setup (with coveralls setup)
  • Uses govendor to vendor/ management

This workspace works! You can check out the test by running

circleci build

If you want to run it locally, you need to setup the test database

createuser -U <postgres admin> -h localhost -P -d circleci
createdb -U circleci -h localhost gosample_test
cd sql/environments/test && flyway migrate

Setting up Cirlce CI

When you copy the workspace the first thing you should do is setup circleci and coveralls. This is fairly straightforward.

  • Go to CircleCI Dashboard
  • Add Project
  • Setup Project the workspace you are working on
  • Starting Building (assuming you select 2.0)
  • Go to Settings and then Status Badges and copy the badge to your
    • If its a private workspace, you need to setup an API Token in API Permissions

Setting up Coveralls

  • Go to Add Repos to add your repo
  • Find your repo (you may need to hit the Synq Repos button on the upper right)
  • Click it "On"
  • Go to Details and copy the repo token
  • Go to CircleCI's ENV settings and create the ENV VAR COVERALLS_TOKEN using the copied repo token.
  • Copy the Coveralls Badge and paste it into your
  • Once yuou have some tests, go to the coveralls Settings page and change the Coverage Threshold to minimum 75% and Decrease threshold to 5%

Setup your GitHub "protected" branch

  • Go to GitHub repo settings and branches
  • Make master a protected branch
  • Check Project Branch, Require status checks to pass before merging and make sure ci/circleci is required. Save your changes
    • Note, coveralls won't show until you've ran a successful build with it so you can come back to make that required as well

Things to change before you start using it

  • Go to .circleci/config.yml and
    • replace gosample_test with the database you want
    • replace gosample with the name of your workspace
  • Go to sql/environments/test/flywayconf
    • replace gosample_test with database you want
  • Change the sql/migrations/V000__Init.sql with the table you want
  • And of course, change the code as needed, but this workspace starts at 100% code coverage so try to maintain high coverage!

Tools / Libraries Used

  • Golang (duh!)
  • Postgres
  • Govendor go get -u
  • CircleCi cli
  • Coveralls