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Snake game for Pepino

This is a port of the Snake game first posted at http://www.instructables.com/id/Snake-on-an-FPGA-Verilog/

The keyboard keys W,A,S,D are used to control the direction of the snake. DIP switch 0 (the right most switch) is the game start/reset input.

The snake grows by four blocks each time the snake head hits the apple (controlled by parameter)

Changes from the original code

  • Clock generation: A DCM is used generated the 25 MHz VGA_clock
  • The design is changed to be complete synchronous (all flip-flops are clocked by VGA_clock)
  • The size of a block is changed from 10x10 pixels to 8x8 pixels to reduce the logic
  • The snake growth is controlled by a parameter
  • Almost all the code is rewritten from scratch, basically the only original code is the VGA controller

Binaries for Pepino_LX9 and Pepino_LX25 are available in the ISE folder.