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Analysis of Locking Scripts in the Blockchain

This project aimed to learn about what kinds of unusual scripts are being used in bitcoin transactions and how this has changed over time by creating a script that analyzes the blockchain and keeps track of unusual transactions which are then explorable via a web page and reports of script usage generated by the script.

###Script usage

python [DB file name]

creates database in the db file name specified that has information for up to the most recent block. Also outputs sorted reports of the number of each type of script and how much bitcoin was sent with that type of script in by_count.txt and by_value.txt. can be run again using a previously used database to update instead of starting fresh.

###Web usage The web page has a graph that shows the most common unusual transactions as well as a table of all unusual transactions and links to the scripts' aggregate data on frequency of use and amount of bitcoin transferred (in satoshi) for each type of transaction. The graph and table on the web page can be set to give data about only a specified span of blocks.

###Setup In order to set up the web page on your own server, simply run the provided setup script from the folder where you want the files to be located.