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Sabaki: An elegant Go/Baduk/Weiqi board and SGF editor for a more civilized age.

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  • Fuzzy stone placement
  • Read and save SGF games and collections, open wBaduk NGF and Tygem GIB files
  • Display formatted SGF comments using a subset of Markdown and annotate board positions & moves
  • Personalize board appearance with textures & themes
  • SGF editing tools, including lines & arrows board markup
  • Copy & paste variations
  • Powerful undo/redo
  • Fast game tree
  • Score estimator & scoring tool
  • Find move by move position and comment text
  • GTP engines support with board analysis for supported engines
  • Guess mode
  • Autoplay games



For more information visit the documentation. You're welcome to contribute to this project.

Building & Tests

See Building & Tests in the documentation.


This project is licensed under the MIT license.


A big thank you to these lovely people:

  • Eric Wainwright
  • Michael Noll
  • John Hager
  • Azim Palmer
  • Nicolas Puyaubreau
  • Hans Christian Poerschke
  • David Göbel
  • Dominik Olszewski
  • Brian Weaver
  • Philippe Fanaro
  • James Tudor
  • Frank Orben
  • Dekun Song
  • Dimitri Rusin
  • Andrew Thieman
  • Adrian Petrescu
  • Karlheinz Agsteiner
  • Petr Růžička
  • Sergio Villegas
  • Jake Pivnik


  • Shudan - A highly customizable, low-level Preact Goban component.
  • boardmatcher - Finds patterns & shapes in Go board arrangements and names moves.
  • deadstones - Simple Monte Carlo functions to determine dead stones.
  • go-board - A Go board data type.
  • gtp - A Node.js module for handling GTP engines.
  • immutable-gametree - An immutable game tree data type.
  • influence - Simple heuristics for estimating influence maps on Go positions.
  • sgf - A library for parsing and creating SGF files.