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5.2 [5.x] Organise Icons and Logos
5.4 [Logo] latest 5.4 style SVG
.directory [logos] add more logos
22logo.png Inital Upload
4foot-simple.png Inital Upload
4foot-simple.svg Inital Upload
4footjustblack.svg Inital Upload
4footjustblack96.png Inital Upload
bizcom.svg [logos] add plymouth bizcom logo
favicon.ico Inital Upload
foot-opaque-small.png [logos] add opaque logo
foot-opaque-white.svg [logos] add opaque logo
grub2-splash.svg [logos] add more logos
kdm-rectange.png [5.x] Push local working tree as of 21/02/2010
kdm-rectange.svg [5.x] Push local working tree as of 21/02/2010
logo.4.2.ian.png [4.2] Commit compact logos
logo.png [logos] add more logos
logo_forum.png [logos] add more logos
os_sabayon.png [5.2] add virtualbox icons
os_sabayon_64.png [5.2] add virtualbox icons
press-header-10.svg [logos] add Sabayon 10 Press Header logo
press-header-clean-darkbg.svg [logos] add sabayon logo for dark backgrounds
press-header-clean.svg [logos] add more logos
press-header-core.png [logos] add Sabayon 7 Core press header logo
press-header-core.svg [logos] add Sabayon 7 Core press header logo
press-header-exp.png [logos] add more logos
press-header-exp.svg [logos] add more logos
press-header.png [logos] add press-header image
press-header.svg [logos] add press-header image
sabayon-menu-22.png Inital Upload
sabayon-vbox-logo.png [5.2] add virtualbox icons
sabayon-weblink.svg [icons] Clear up
sabayon4-16.png [logos] Add low res logos
sabayon4-22.png [logos] Add low res logos
sabayon41logo.png Inital Upload
sabayon41logo.svg Inital Upload
sabayon42forum.png [4.2] Commit compact logos
sabayon42logo.png [4.2/*] Add 4.2 Logos and Release announcement
sabayon42logo.svg [4.2/*] Add 4.2 Logos and Release announcement
sabayon42logo_2.svg [logos] add more logos
sabayon42logo_small.png [4.2] Commit compact logos
sabayon42logo_small.svg [4.2] Commit compact logos
sabayon42logo_small_forum.png [4.2] Commit compact logos
sabayon4foot_small.svg [logos] Add low res logos
sabayon4logo.svg Inital Upload
sabayon4logofull.svg Inital Upload
sabayon_5_text_only_black.svg [5.x] Organise Icons and Logos
sabayon_logo_5.svg [5.x] Organise Icons and Logos
site.svg [5.x] Push local working tree as of 21/02/2010
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