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SCR draft website (Hugo-powered)

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Getting Started

To get started, you should simply fork or clone this repository! That's definitely an important first step.

Install Hugo in a way that best suits your environment and comfort level (on sabayon you can install it by doing sudo equo i hugo)

In a command prompt or terminal, navigate to the path that contains your config.toml file and run hugo. That's it! You should now have a public directory with a complete blog! Open public/index.html in your browser and bask.

In case you encounter some errors use the Makefile:

HUGO_THEME= make dependencies
HUGO_THEME= make build

If that wasn't amazing enough, from the same terminal, run hugo server -w. This will watch your directories for changes and rebuild the site immediately, and it will make these changes available at http://localhost:1313/ so you can view your finished site in your browser. Go on, try it. This is one of the best ways to preview your site while working on it.

To further learn Hugo and learn more, read through the Hugo documentation or browse around the files in this repository.


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