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**UNSUPPORTED** [TF2] Player Stats allows players to easily view profiles on using the in-game web browser.
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[TF2] Player Stats by Peter "SaberUK" Powell

= Requirements =
  (1) CSteamID Extension -
= Installation =
  (1) Copy TF2_PlayerStats.smx to the plugins directory of your SourceMod installation.
  (2) Execute "sm plugins load TF2_PlayerStats.smx" in your server console.
= Usage =
  (*) Type /backpack [#userid|name] or /bp [#userid|name] in the chat area to view some other players backpack.
  (*) Type /mystats in the chat area to view your own stats.
  (*) Type /stats <#userid|name> in the chat area to view some other players stats.
= Changes =
  == Version 1.1 (02/05/2011) ==
    (*) Added support for the /backpack and /bp commands as used by similar plugins.
  == Version 1.1.1 (02/05/2011) ==
    (*) Cleaned up source code slightly.
  == Version 1.2 (07/05/2011) ==
    (*) Added check to prevent loading on games other than Team Fortress 2.
    (*) Added support for finding a player based on the users aim target to the /stats command.
= Support =
  (*) Email:
  (*) IRC: SaberUK @ #omega-arcade
  (*) Steam:
  (*) Twitter:
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