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A dead simple storage for Wkfs (Wkf is 짤 which means pictures for posts/articles)
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What the heck is this?

This is a simple storage to make ease of viewing Wkfs. Wkf is 짤 in Korean (Type it in English mode), which means pictures for posts/articles.

Can I run it?

This is only tested on Python 2.7.3, so I can't guarantee it will run on other versions.

Are there any prequisites to run this?

You need following Python modules to run it:

You can install these modules by running pip install -r requirements.txt.

How to run?

Run it as same as other WSGI applications. First, copy to and change it as you like. You can run a development server by following command:

$ python

If you have given +x permission to, you can easily do the same thing:

$ ./


This project follows WTFPL. Please check out COPYING file.

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