Building Soot with Eclipse

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Download Eclipse Download Eclipse IDE from following link:

Use the link mentioned below to download a simple .psf file or use the URL in eclipse to import team project set. This integrates heros, jasmin and soot into eclipse instead of downloading each of them manually. For detailed steps please see screen shots below:

Go to File -> import -> team project set -> Next -> Enter the above URL -> Click Finish

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Here you are with the imported heros, jasmin and soot files.

Figure 4

After successfully completing the aforementioned steps, you can also export a team project file that includes all of your projects by using following steps:

Go to File -> Export -> select Team Project set -> Select the projects that needs to included as team project -> and click Finish. Now your team project file is ready inform of .psf.

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Also check out Soot's webpage NOTE: If you find any bugs in those tutorials (or other parts of Soot) please help us out by reporting them in our issue tracker.

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