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Users of SableCC

Here are links to users of SableCC.

Feel free to Edit this page and submit a pull request to add a link to your project.

  • AProVE: AProVE is a fully-automated termination prover for term rewrite systems as well as for functional and logic programs. A total of 8 SableCC-generated parsers are used for the different input languages.
  • Britney: Britney is a simple interpreter for terms of pure, untyped Lambda Calculus. In a nutshell, terms can be stored, called, reduced, and normalized. Most obvious use of Britney is as a tool of help when first studying Lambda Calculus.
  • CB2XML: CB2XML (CopyBook to XML) is a COBOL CopyBook to XML converter written in Java and based on the SableCC parser generator.
  • DIF: The Dataflow Interchange Format (DIF) is a language and software package for specifying and analyzing mixed-grain dataflow models for digital signal processing (DSP) systems. SableCC is used for reading in the DIF language.
  • Freestyler Toolkit: The Freestyler Toolkit leverages the strengths of native Java on both Linux-kerneled systems and Windows to create native SWT Graphical User Interfaces and native Apache XmlRpc servants that work seemlessly with MySQL relational databases.
  • Galoot Templating Engine: The Galoot Templating Engine is a pseudo-implementation of Django Templates in Java. It is not a 100% port, as there are some unavailable features (such as Tag plug-ins) as well as some added features (URL-based template extension, macros, etc.), but it comes pretty close to what you would see with Django. Galoot provides template inheritance, scoped contexts, block overrides, and a fairly rich built-in set of tags and filters.
  • Jamon: Jamon is a text template engine for Java, useful for generating dynamic HTML, XML, or any text-based content.
  • jMATLAB jMATLAB is an Eclispe based interpreter interface to linear algebra libraries. It is based on the notion of MATLAB. It provides MATLAB like scripting language for quick programming. It also provides ability to write toolboxes using java based plug-ins. Interface to GNUPLOT provides access to powerful plotting capabilities.
  • JSwat: JSwat, the Java debugger, makes use of a Java parser generated by SableCC. It is used in the expression evaluator, the source view colorizer, and for setting breakpoints within classes.
  • Ontology Mapping: The Ontology Mapping Language is used by different European Projects in the Semantic Web community. It is an API that provides functionalities to parse and serialize in different formats. The API is downloadable at
  • Pascal-S Compiler: This compiler emits Pascal-P4 code.
  • PSP Dashboard: The Software Process Dashboard Project is an open-source initiative to create a PSP(SM) / TSP(SM) support tool.
  • RecordEditor: The RecordEditor is a Datafile editor for Files where fields occupy fixed positions in each record (typical of Cobol files). The Editor uses a RecordLayout to format records in a human readable format.
  • TextUML Toolkit: The TextUML Toolkit is free Eclipse-based IDE for UML 2.1 that uses a textual notation.
  • Willow: A management platform for survivability in large distributed information systems. SableCC is used for translators for the TEDL, SinkL, SyringeL, and AWOL languages.
  • GniehTuring: A framework to write compile and execute Turing machines. SableCC is used to generate the compiler for the specific language TMDL
  • MIDSI: A solution for data inference using semantic web and WSML language. SableCC is used for translators for the WSML language.