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SaC standard library

build status contributions welcome

This repository consists of SaC modules with basic functionality like arithmetic, stdio, etc; which together form the standard library of the SaC language.

Build instructions

To build the system one requires an operational CMake >= 3.3, Flex, and Bison.

An example on how to build the library:

$ cd Stdlib
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make -j4  #you should have roughly 2GB per thread :-)

If you like you can also install the stdlib into /usr/local with make install, but this is unnecessary as sac2c will be able to find your stdlib build automatically. This is achieved through a file named sac2crc.package.stdlib which is being placed in ~/.sac2crc/ and which contains the path to the place where you build your stdlib

NOTE: When pulling the latest commit, remember to run git submodule update or you will be missing changes to the cmake-common repository.

Variables that can be passed to CMake

When running CMake it is possible to pass the following variables:

  • -DTARGETS=x;y;z --- build stdlib for targets x, y and z. (Defaults to seq;mt_pth)
  • -DBUILDGENERIC=ON|OFF --- build stdlib without using architecture specific optimisations (useful when creating distributable packages). (Default is OFF)
  • -DSAC2C_EXEC=/path/to/sac2c --- specify sac2c executable directly. Otherwise CMake will try to find sac2c on yout PATH.
  • -DLINKSETSIZE=n --- set -linksetsize n when calling sac2c. This option is responsible for the number of C functions that are put in a single C file when compiling a SaC program. The rule of thumb:
    • value 0 is the fastest time-wise but potentially results in a large memory consumption

    • value 1 reduces the memory consumption to minimum, but significantly increases compilation time.

      Default value: 500.

  • -DFULLTYPES=ON|OFF --- add support for further types to the stdlib, such as long and longlong (Default is OFF).
  • -DBUILD_EXT=ON|OFF --- build extended stdlib (see cmake/source-core-ext.txt for details) (Default is ON)

Continuous Integration

We make use of Github Actions for our CI pipeline, building the standard library on different systems anytime there is a pull request. Build will fail if there are any compile-time warnings.

Currently we build on the following systems: ubuntu-18.04 and macos-11.

Please look at .github/workflows/ for more exact details on what we do.


This project is open-source, contributions are welcome! Note that no warranty is given.

Please look at LICENSE.txt for further details.


This repository contains the Core and Extended source files of the Standard Library of the SaC programming language








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