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This repository contains the Core and Extended source files of the Standard Library of the SaC programming language
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SaC standard library

build status contributions welcome

This repository consists of SaC modules with basic functionality like arithmetic, stdio, etc; which together form a standard library of SaC language.

Build instructions

To build the system one requires an operational CMake >= 3.3, Flex, and Bison.

An example on how to build the library:

$ cd Stdlib
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make -j4  #you should have roughly 2GB per thread :-)

If you like you can also install the stdlib into /usr/local with make install, but this is unnecessary as sac2c will be able to find your stdlib build automatically.

NOTE: When pulling the latest commit, remember to run git submodule update or you will be missing changes to the cmake-common repository.

Variables that can be passed to CMake

When running CMake it is possible to pass the following variables:

  • -DTARGETS=x;y;z --- build stdlib for targets x, y and z. (Defaults to seq;mt_pth)
  • -DBUILDGENERIC=ON|OFF --- build stdlib without using architecture specific optimisations
  • (useful when creating distributable packages). (Default is OFF)
  • -DSAC2C_EXEC=/path/to/sac2c --- specify sac2c executable directly. Otherwise CMake will try to find sac2c on yout PATH.
  • -DLINKSETSIZE=n --- set -linksetsize n when calling sac2c. This option is responsible for the number of C functions that are put in a single C file when compiling a SaC program. The rule of thumb:
    • value 0 is the fastest time-wise but potentially results in a large memory consumption

    • value 1 reduces the memory consumption to minimum, but significantly increases compilation time.

      Default value: 500.

  • -DFULLTYPES=ON|OFF --- add support for further types to the stdlib, such as long and longlong (Default is OFF).
  • -DBUILD_EXT=ON|OFF --- build extended stdlib (see cmake/source-core-ext.txt for details) (Default is ON)
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