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v0.25.2 “MenuScope”

  • Added regenerateAllThumbnails method.
  • Fixed postedAt issue with pending posts.
  • Created postsListTop zone and moved messages, category_title, and views_menu modules to it.
  • Renamed category_menu_item template to categories_menu_item.
  • Added itemTemplate option to menu to enable setting a custom template for all elements.
  • Created new defaultMenuItem template.
  • Now passing reference to whole menu object to each node instead of just menuItems.
  • Renamed top zone to contentTop.
  • Created new contentBottom, postsListTop, postsListBottom zones.
  • Extracted menu component into its own utilities:menu package.
  • Newsletter banner is now included in contentTop zone, not hero.
  • Renamed "Outside Links Point To" setting to "RSS Links Point To".
  • Added infinite scrolling option.
  • Added one hour offset to show future posts to fix real-time bug.

v0.25 “FlowScope”

Meteor 1.2

  • Updated for Meteor 1.2

Flow Router

  • Switched from Iron Router to Flow Router.
  • Moved auth/permission logic from router to templates.
  • Removed /top, /new, /best, etc. routes.


  • New category filter mode.
  • New settings option to switch between regular categories and filter categories.
  • On post edit page, auto-expand selected categories.
  • On post submission, auto-add all parents of all selected categories.
  • Now including posts from children categories in posts category count.
  • Added option for auto-hiding empty categories.
  • In category menu, expand category tree to show active categories.

Other New Features

  • New post approval/rejection workflow: pending posts can be approved or rejected; approved posts can only be rejected; rejected posts can only be approved.
  • Added approved/reject/delete buttons to post item actions.
  • Added rejected view to show all rejected posts.
  • Posts.parameters.get now iterates over the postsParameters callback hook to build parameters object.
  • Comments.parameters.get now iterates over the commentsParameters callback hook to build parameters object.
  • RSS feed and API can now both accept any post query parameter (limit, view, cat, before, after, etc.)
  • Now passing current user ID to Posts.parameters.get query constructor.
  • Added afterEmbedlyPrefill callback hook on client.
  • Removing a user now gives the option to remove their posts and comments, too.


  • postApprovedAsync hook renamed to postApproveAsync, added postRejectAsync.
  • Changed Posts.getSubParams to Posts.parameters.get.
  • Changed Comments.getSubParams to Comments.parameters.get.


  • Removed Telescope.utils.getCurrentTemplate();
  • Removed search logging.
  • Disabled single day view.
  • Posts.checkForSameUrl doesn't auto-upvote the existing post anymore.
  • Removed delete link from post edit page.

Menu Component

  • Menu item custom data context is now passed as
  • Add nesting level CSS class to menu items.

Other Changes

  • Moved schema i18n to collection level.
  • Use Users.adminUsers more consistently.
  • Upvote/downvote functions now take document _id as argument, not document object itself.
  • Using tmeasday:publish-counts to publish posts category counts (instead of denormalizing).
  • Fixed delay on post submission.
  • Updated category_title template to handle multiple categories.
  • Fixed Subscribe to Comments feature.
  • Fixed Safari CSS issues by enabling autoprefixer.
  • Extracted Spiderable into its own telescope:spiderable package.


  • Korean translation.
  • Slovenian translation.
  • Italian translation.

v0.24 “SubScope2”

  • [BREAKING] Modules data context must now be passed on explicitely using the moduleData attribute.
  • [BREAKING] Updated category_title template.
  • [BREAKING] Refactored post_admin template. Added delete link, now using icons, and moved post edit link from post_info to post_admin.
  • When in debug mode, you can now log out information about a template to the console by clicking on it.
  • Improved category slug generation logic to avoid duplicate slugs.
  • [BREAKING] custom_ prefix is now always loaded last, and takes priority over every other prefix.
  • Added Quickfit script to auto-fit site title to sidebar width in side nav layout.
  • [BREAKING] Removed menu component's menuMode argument, now doing menu variants via CSS and menuClass.
  • [BREAKING] Got rid of accordion menu variant.
  • [BREAKING] Tweaked markup of menu component.
  • Now showing "Post" button to logged out users, too.
  • Icons are now always displayed square with fixed width.
  • [BREAKING] Added wrapper div to notification, user, and categories menus
  • Improved debug mode: you can now click any template to log out its information to the console.
  • Custom menu item templates now inherit helpers from menuItem template.
  • Added category hierarchy breadcrumbs to category_title template.
  • Post submit form now uses collapsible categories menu.
  • When adding a category to a post, all parents are now automatically added by default.
  • Added Category.postsCount to keep track of how many posts are in a category.
  • Now filtering out categories with no posts from the categories menu.
  • Added postDeleteAsync callback hook.
  • Now publishing all public user data all the time to work around nested fields subscriptions bug.
  • Categories with same name now get different, unique slugs.
  • Now getting link source name and URL from Embedly if available.
  • [BREAKING] Renamed posts_views_nav to views_menu.
  • Added Telescope.modules.addRoute to add new routes to existing modules.

v0.23 “SubScope”

  • Template modules now take only and except options to only display on specific routes.
  • Now only caching first 15 days of posts_daily view.
  • Added okgrow:iron-router-autoscroll package.
  • Small tweaks to search UX.
  • [BREAKING] Use collection helpers instead of postLink and target in post_title and post_thumbnail.
  • [BREAKING] Use collection helpers instead of pathFor in post_comments_link and post_discuss.
  • Added new i18n strings.
  • Modified custom template prefix system to accept multiple prefixes.
  • [BREAKING] Changed Telescope.config.customPrefix = "foo" to Telescope.config.addCustomPrefix("foo").
  • Added new facebookPage setting.
  • Added category description to category menu, when it exists.
  • Fixed post category and post thumbnail CSS classes.
  • Switched back to aldeed:autoform instead of sacha:autoform.
  • Updated to Meteor
  • Added support for menu hierarchies.
  • Added hierarchical categories.
  • Now only showing "play" button for actual videos.
  • Not subscribing to postsListUsers on user profile page anymore.
  • Added per-category RSS routes (thanks @lewisnyman!)
  • Now showing top comments in email newsletter (thanks @sungwoncho!)
  • Fixed blank URL edit bug (thanks @johnthepink!)
  • Added .posts-day wrapper in posts-daily template.
  • [BREAKING] menu label template must now be specified using menuLabelTemplate option in menu component.
  • Menu label template data context can now be specified using menuLabelData option.
  • user_menu template and its helpers moved from telescope:core to telescope:users.
  • Now recalculating email hash whenever email changes.
  • Added user avatar to user menu in nav.


  • Made approvePost and unapprovePost methods take postId instead of post as argument and fixed approve/unapprove bug.
  • Now sorting email newsletter posts by baseScore (time-independent), not score.

v0.22.1 “DebugScope”

  • Introduced new template debug mode.
  • Fixed invites bugs (thanks @badibouteraa!).
  • Made hero modules full width (thanks @jshimko!).
  • Renamed nav template to header.
  • Renamed postsListTop zone to top.
  • Renamed footer template to footer_code, which is part of the footer module zone.
  • Any template can now be used as menu label in menu component.
  • Added Telescope.menuItems.removeAll()
  • Number of columns in Hubble grid layout now adapts to viewport width.
  • Added image support to RSS feed and API.
  • Added setting for pointing RSS feed to discussion pages.
  • Made video lightbox responsive and made video stop on lightbox close.
  • Simplified template modules markup structure.
  • Fixed bug preventing non-logged-in users from signing up to newsletter (thanks @frabrunelle!).
  • Moved errors and banners styles to base theme.
  • Updated Kadira package.
  • Implemented post-specific SEO logic for generating Open Graph and Twitter meta tags.

v0.21.2 “FastScope”

  • Added day by day settings for newsletter frequency (thanks @johnthepink!).
  • Implemented Subs Manager.
  • Implemented FastRender.
  • Now using check for methods.

v0.21.1 “SlugScope”

  • Added URL slugs for posts (i.e. /posts/xyz/my-post-slug).
  • i18n files clean-up.
  • Added post downvote setting.
  • Renamed post_upvote template to post_vote.
  • Refactored notifications code.
  • Added kadira-debug package.
  • Fixed avatar bug.
  • Fixed screen refresh bug on post page.
  • Fixed security issue (thanks @delgermurun).
  • Fixed security issue (thanks @pcorey).
  • Added Swedish translation (thanks @Alekzanther).
  • Improved French translation (thanks @camilleroux).

v0.20.6 “AutoScope”

  • Added Extra CSS field (thanks @johnthepink!).
  • Fixed security issue with Settings (thanks @jshimko!).
  • Added automatic template replacement.

v0.20.5 “MinorScope”

Just a couple minor bug fixes.

  • Changed how email template customization works (see documentation).
  • Ensure email uniqueness and keep it in sync.
  • Improve profile completion screen validation & errors.
  • Generate public user properties list from schema.
  • Fixed video lightbox issue.
  • Updated Getting Started content.
  • Enforcing better URL formatting for Site URL setting.
  • Fixed notification settings.
  • Reworked user settings.

v0.20.4 “RefactorScope”

See blog for more details.

v0.15.1 “PageScope”

  • Settings now have their own telescope-settings package (thanks @delgermurun!).
  • Swedish translation (thanks @Alekzanther!)
  • Various fixes (thanks @azizur, @ndarilek, @kai101, @saimeunt, @Kikobeats!).
  • Added telescope-pages module for managing static pages.

v0.15 “SideScope”


  • Added new postListTop zone that only appears on post lists.
  • Now showing tagline on every post list.
  • Added the Side Nav layout.
  • New Admin menu layout.


  • Added the Post Views setting.
  • Changed color settings names.
  • Added field for optional category image (thanks @dtsepelev!).


  • Added telescope-sitemap package (thanks @yourcelf!).
  • Added improved SEO support (thanks @yourcelf!).
  • Added field for SEO site image.


  • Improved performance when loading comments for long threads (thanks @dandv!).
  • Usernames are now case and space insensitive. John Smith, JohnSmith, and johnsmith are now all considered to be the same username (thanks @splendido!).
  • Now using feedparser instead of htmlparser2 to parse RSS feeds (thanks @delgermurun!).
  • Now supporting RSS categories (thanks @delgermurun).
  • Refactored dropdowns into menu components.
  • New {{{icon}}} helper for icons, using FontAwesome.
  • New accent color customization API.
  • Fixed various bugs (thanks @webyak, @yourcelf, @ywang28, @delgermurun!).
  • Now publishing upvoters and downvoters on single post page.


  • Added Arabic translation (thanks @nwabdou85!).
  • Added missing translations in Brazilian Portuguese (thanks @alanmeira!).
  • Improved French translation (thanks @klamzo!).
  • Romanian translation (thanks @razvansky!).
  • Added Dutch translation (thanks @reneras!).

v0.14.3 “TableScope”

  • Implemented Reactive Table for the Users dashboard (thanks @jshimko!).
  • Upgraded Herald package (thanks @kestanous!).
  • Upgraded Avatar package (thanks @bengott!).
  • Upgraded Autoform package.
  • Added Greek translation (thanks @portokallidis!).
  • Improved Spanish translation (thanks @brayancruces!).
  • Added new callbacks for upvoting and downvoting (thanks @Baxter900 !).
  • OP comments now get the author-comment CSS class.

v0.14.2 “FaviconScope”

  • Added settings for auth methods.
  • Added setting for external fonts.
  • Use site tagline as homepage title.
  • Make favicon customizable.
  • Making webfont customizable. To get previous font back, use:,700,400italic,700italic.
  • Fix juice issue.
  • Non-admins should not be able to access rejected posts.
  • Bulgarian translation (thanks @durrrr91!)

v0.14.1 “TaglineScope”

  • Fix double notification bug.
  • Fix singleday view bug.
  • Fix post approval date bug.
  • Don't let non-admins access pending posts.
  • Give search field a border on white backgrounds.
  • Spanish, Brazilian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Polish translations (thanks everybody!).
  • Do not put comment reply page behind log-in wall.
  • Various CSS tweaks.
  • Added tagline banner package.
  • You can now assign a category to posts generated from feeds (thanks @Accentax!).
  • Use tagline as title on homepage.
  • Refactor default view route controller code.
  • Fixed security issue with post editing.

v0.14.0 “GridScope”

  • Added Grid Layout option.
  • Cleaned up vote click handling functions and added tests (thanks @anthonymayer!).
  • Added threadModules zone.
  • Added upvoteCallbacks and downvoteCallbacks callback arrays.
  • Fix “post awaiting moderation” message bug.
  • You can now subscribe to comment threads (thanks @delgermurun!).
  • Added postApproveCallbacks callback array.
  • Added notifications for pending and approved posts, for admins and end users.
  • Renaming "digest" view to "singleday".
  • Make sure only valid properties can be added to posts and comments.
  • Added newsletter time setting (thanks @anthonymayer!).
  • Change "sign up" to "register" (thanks @Kikobeats!).

v0.13.0 “ComponentScope”

  • Tweaked comments layout in Hubbble theme.
  • Added Bulgarian translation (thanks @toome123!).
  • Cleaned up permission functions (thanks @anthonymayer!).
  • Various fixes (thanks @comerc and @Kikobeats!).
  • Stopped synced-cron message logging.
  • Limit all posts lists to 200 posts.
  • Refactored posts lists to use the template-level subscription pattern when appropriate.
  • Refactored single day and daily packages.
  • Footer field now accepts Markdown instead of HTML.
  • Feeds can now be assigned to a user.
  • Various CSS tweaks.
  • Fixing newsletter issue.
  • Post rank now has its own module.
  • Changed how field label i18n works.

v0.12.0 “DummyScope”

Important: existing newsletters and feeds need to be manually enabled in the Settings panel

  • Added "Enable Newsletter" setting. Note: existing newsletters must be re-enabled.
  • Added "Enable Feeds" settings. Note: existing feeds must be re-enabled.
  • Now showing release notes for latest version right inside the app.
  • Added dummy posts, users, and comments.
  • Added new Events collection for keeping track of important events.
  • Log first run event.
  • MAIL_URL environment variable can now be set from Settings.
  • Renamed viewNav to viewsMenu.
  • Renamed adminNav to adminMenu.
  • Improvements to the Post by Feed package.
  • Added tests for nav bar (thanks @anthonymayer!).
  • New and improved documentation.

v0.11.1 “FeedScope”

  • Post submit and edit forms now submit to their respective methods directly.
  • Removed postSubmitRenderedCallbacks and postEditRenderedCallbacks.
  • telescope-post-by-feed package now lets you import posts from RSS feeds.
  • Adding limit of 200 posts to post list request.
  • Refactoring post and comment submit to fix latency compensation issues.
  • Tags package now using Autoform.

v0.11.0 “AvatarScope”

  • Added new userCreatedCallbacks callback hook.
  • Added new setting to subscribe new user to mailing list automatically.
  • Added new debug setting.
  • siteUrl setting now affects Meteor.absoluteUrl().
  • Added new Telescope.log function that only logs if debug setting is true.
  • Simplified post module system, modules are not split in three zones anymore.
  • Added new postThumbnail hook to show Embedly thumbnail.
  • Simplified Hubble theme CSS for both desktop and mobile.
  • Many CSS tweaks for Hubble mobile.
  • Show author and commenters avatars on post item.
  • Adding description to post list pages and showing them in menus.
  • Improved Russian translation (thanks @Viktorminator!).
  • Now using editorconfig (thanks @erasaur!).
  • Upgraded to useraccounts:unstyled@1.4.0 (thanks @splendido!).

v0.10.0 “RefactorScope”

  • Renaming Errors to Messages (thanks @yourcelf!).
  • Adding fast-render (thanks @arunoda!).
  • Extracted digest into its own package.
  • Adding "scheduled" view that shows upcoming scheduled posts.
  • Bringing back "delete post" link that was removed by mistake.
  • Made user profile display page modular.
  • Made user profile edit page modular.
  • Started extracting invites into their own package.

v0.9.11 “FormScope”

  • Now using Autoform's quickform feature to generate post submit and edit forms.
  • Various fixes by @anthonymayer.
  • Now using fourseven:scss to directly compile SCSS files.
  • Renamed post method to submitPost.
  • Post editing now happens via a postEdit method.
  • Categories are now normalized (only the _id is stored on the post object, not the whole category object).
  • Refactored Embedly package; now fills in description as well (thanks @kvindasAB!).
  • Thumbnail height and width are now customizable in settings panel.
  • Settings and Post forms now i18n'ized.

v0.9.10 “i18nScope”

  • Now using tap:i18n for internationalization (thanks a ton to @theosp).
  • Each package is now i18n'd invididually.
  • Chinese i18n code is now zh-CN, not zh.
  • Various fixes (thanks @anthonymayer).
  • Upgrade Avatar package (thanks @bengott).


  • Updating to Meteor 1.0.
  • Updating to Iron Router 1.0.
  • Adding view counter (thanks @steffenstraetz! See PR #489)
  • Splitting out router.js in multiple files.
  • URL can now be removed when editing a post (thanks @massimilianomarini! See PR 484).
  • Now waiting on allUsersAdmin subscription for post submit page (thanks @kai101! See PR 508)
  • Putting server-side routes for email template tests in their own respective packages.


  • Fixing #457 (pending posts view not working).
  • Added German translation (thanks @Helmi!).
  • Added ?q= parameter to searches (thanks @yourcelf!).
  • Abstracting isAdmin (thanks @yourcelsf!).
  • Refactoring getPostsParameters (thanks @delgermurun!).
  • Using bengott:avatar package for avatars (thanks @bengott!).
  • Upgrading to Meteor

v0.9.7 “SettingsScope”

  • Updating to Meteor 0.9.3.
  • Improving RSS feed (thanks @delgermurun!).
  • Fixed redirection issues on sign-up (thanks @steffenstraetz!)
  • Fixed bug on Twitter sign-in.
  • Splitting up the settings form into sub-sections.
  • Adding help text to settings form.
  • Fixing problem with daily view theming.
  • Improving avatar stuff (thanks @shaialon and @bengott!).


  • Fixed security hole in user update.
  • Kadira is now included by default.
  • Comments now have their own feed (thanks @delgermurun!).
  • Fixed URL collision bug (thanks @GoodEveningMiss!).
  • Now using account-templates (thanks @splendido!).
  • Retinizing avatar sizes (thanks @shaialon!).

v0.9.5 “FixScope”

  • Fixed /settings bug (thanks @steffenstraetz!).
  • Code cleanup (thanks @wulfmeister!).
  • Fixed upvote/downvote concurrency bug (thanks @spifd!).
  • Renamed SubmitServerCallbacks to SubmitMethodCallbacks for posts and comments.
  • Added AfterSubmitMethodCallbacks for posts and comments.
  • Made notifications into their own telescope-notifications package.
  • telescope-update-prompt package now sends user, post, and comment count when phoning home.

v0.9.4 “UpdateScope”

  • Removed unneeded allow insert on Posts and Comments.
  • Renaming postMeta template to postInfo to avoid ambiguity.
  • Fixing avatar code.
  • Adding update prompt package.
  • Upgrading to Meteor 0.9.2.
  • Do not remove deleted comments from database, use isDeleted flag instead.
  • Now showing "X new posts" instead of just displaying them. Thanks @dburles!

v0.9.3 “DailyScope”

  • Show user comments on user profile page.
  • Move votes to their own user.votes object.
  • Add daily view.
  • Default root view is now customizable.
  • Updated app to 0.9.0.
  • Updated all packages to be 0.9.0-compatible.
  • Fixed XSS bug (CVE ID: CVE-2014-5144) by sanitizing user input server-side.
  • Now storing both markdown and HTML versions of content.

v0.9.2.6 “InviteScope”

  • Added new invite features (thanks @callmephilip!)
  • Changed navItems to primaryNav and added secondaryNav.
  • Added new themeSettings object for storing theme-level settings.
  • Notifications is now a nav menu item.
  • Renamed comments to commentsCount on Post model.
  • Now tracking list of commenters _ids on Post model.
  • Rerun interrupted migrations.

v0.9.2.5 “AccountScope”

  • Now keeping track of upvoted/downvoted posts & comments.
  • Using accounts-entry for accounts stuff.
  • Split out part of the Hubble theme into a new “base” theme.

v0.9.2 “MailScope”

  • Use handlebars-server for all email templates.
  • Refactored email system to use global HTML email wrapper.
  • Added routes to preview email templates.
  • Changed how notifications are stored in db.
  • Added deleteNotifications migration to delete all existing notifications.
  • Now using templates for on-site notifications too.
  • Added heroModules and footerModules hooks.
  • Added telescope-newsletter package.
  • Sending emails from within setTimeouts to fix latency compensation issue.


  • Added lastCommentedAt property to posts.
  • Added hooks to post_edit and post_submit's rendered callback.
  • Embedly module now supports video embedding in a lightbox.
  • Updated to Meteor 0.8.3.
  • Updated packages.


  • Using Arunoda's Subscription Manager.
  • Updating mobile version.
  • Made the background color setting into a more general background CSS setting.
  • Added postHeading and postMeta hooks.


v0.8.3 “CleanScope”

  • Refactored the way dating and timestamping works with pending/approved posts.
  • Cleaned up unused/old third-party code.
  • Migrated "submitted" property to "postedAt".
  • Added a "postedAt" property to comments.

v0.8.2 “SchemaScope”

  • Improved migrations with timestamps and number of rows affected.
  • Created telescope-lib and telescope-base pacakge.
  • Pulled out search into its own telescope-search package.
  • Made menu and views modular.
  • Using SimpleSchema and Collection2 for models.

v0.8.1 “FlexScope”

  • Extracted part of the tags feature into its own package.
  • Made subscription preloader more flexible.
  • Made navigation menu dynamic.

v0.8 “BlazeScope”

  • Updated for Meteor compatibility.
  • Using Collection2/SimpleSchema/Autoforms for Settings form.

v0.7.4 “InterScope”

  • Added basic internationalization (thanks Toam!).
  • Added search logging.


  • Refactored notifications.
  • Added notifications for new users creation.


  • Added basic search (thanks Ry!).


  • Added karma redistribution.
  • Improved user dashboard.
  • Improved user profiles.

Note: run the "update user profile" script from the toolbox after updating.

v0.7 “IronScope”

Huge update!

  • Switched to IronRouter.
  • Added new invite system.
  • Made nested comments optional.
  • Reworked notifications settings.
  • Stopped publishing all users.
  • Added URL slugs for user profiles.
  • Using nProgress to show loading.
  • Paginating users dashboard.
  • Filtering users dashboard.

Note: If you're upgrading from a previous version of Telescope, you'll need to run the "update user slugs" method from within the Admin Toolbox panel inside the web app to get user profiles to work.


  • Fixed bug where anybody could delete any comment.
  • Added option to add new users to a MailChimp list.


  • Added Bitly integration.
  • Fixed Twitter avatars.
  • Refactoring allow/deny code.
  • Added click tracking on links.
  • Refactoring RSS and API code to use server-side routing.


  • Added categories
  • Cleaned up file structure.


  • Added simple JSON API showing the 100 last posts.


  • Added Google Analytics pageview tracking.
  • Added RSS feed for /new


  • Added email notifications for approved users.
  • Added delete users link.


  • Added basic color customization.
  • Fixed Flush bug.


  • Added email notifications of new comments and new replies for all users (along with unsubcribe link) and notifications of new posts for admin users.


  • Added a second createdAt timestamp. Score calculations still use the submitted timestamp, but it only gets set when (if) a post gets approved.

  • Started keeping track of versions and changes.