A starter template for Meteor, using IronRouter
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A starter boilerplate app template for Meteor using IronRouter.

Void is based on Telescope (an open-source social news app) and is brought to you by the Discover Meteor team.


If you already have Meteor and Meteorite, Void is ready to go. Just clone it locally, run it with mrt, and start coding!

If not, here are the full instructions:

curl https://install.meteor.com | /bin/sh
npm install -g meteorite
git clone https://github.com/SachaG/Void.git myApp
cd myApp


  • Client-side routing
  • Publications/subscriptions
  • Basic permissions
  • Common templates


Void adopts a modular approach, where code is broken down in different files rather than all kept in one place. It also uses the “template/mapper” pattern, where the item.html template has a similarly named item.js JavaScript file that holds its helper code.

Void uses the Items collection as an example, but you would probably replace this with your own collection name (Posts, Sales, Projects, etc.) and change the file and variables names accordingly.

File Structure

  • client
    • CSS
    • helpers
      • handlebars.js
      • router.js
    • views
      • common
        • footer.html
        • header.html
        • layout.html
        • loading.html
        • notFound.html
      • items
        • item.html
        • item.js
        • items.html
      • pages
        • homepage.html
    • main.html
    • main.js
  • collections
    • items.js
  • lib
    • helpers.js
    • permissions.js
  • packages
    • iron-router
    • sample-package
  • public
  • server
    • fixtures.js
    • publications.js

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