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Jun 28, 2018

@Sacripant Sacripant released this May 23, 2017

Major changes:

  • CSS:
    • New component spinner.
    • Typography:
      • add custom-propertie for default font-family
      • add custom-selector for headers
      • remove styles about headers collapsing marges
      • remove default hyphen on p
    • Typo utils class are now available on custom properties
    • add custom-propertie --reset-button. Remove default browser styles on button element
    • iconsFont CSS: use vertical-align: baseline. Better for me.
  • Docs:
    • Patch Docs template for IE10
    • New doc for spinner component.
  • NPM & Grunt
    • Modernizr: finally remove "mzr_" prefix.
    • remove *LiveReload" and use instead "BrowserSync".
    • Update packages to latest version.
    • add a clean task for docs
  • Other:
    • move docs/ folder inside build/ folder and add a default toc index page.
    • Patch 3x2 placeholder svg image orientation.
    • use .njk extension for Nunjucks source files.
    • add MIT License
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@Sacripant Sacripant released this Oct 11, 2016

Major changes:

  • CSS:
    • New class: .mb0 or .no-vspace class.
    • New class: add .focusable option for .visuallyhidden class.
    • New class: .hidden--print.
    • New class: .fit--height and .fit--viewport
    • New module: social-colors.
    • New module: flex-utils.
    • New module: flex-grid.
    • Update module typography: add default print styles.
    • Update module typography: add margin by default for headers.
    • Delet module grids.css: slice in 5 new modules (gutter, tb-grid, il-grid, fl-grid, grid-span).
  • Docs:
    • Template is now responsive.
    • Add new animated logo for Amorce.
    • New doc for social-colors.
    • New doc for flex utils class.
    • New doc for flex grid.
  • NPM & Grunt
    • Modernizr: add prefix "mzr_".
    • Watch docs assets.
    • Update package to latest version.
  • Other:
    • jQuery 3.1.
    • Patch placeholder svg images code.
    • delet sac-breakpoint.js (move to another code base).
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@Sacripant Sacripant released this Jun 8, 2016

Major changes:

  • HTML: use NUNJUCKS templating language
  • Docs: Compile documentation with nunjucks
  • Docs: Remove Ajax call
  • Docs: Use prism.js for code highlighting
  • JQuery 2.2.3 or 1.12.3
  • Upgrade gruntJS and packages
  • CSS: Slice CSS in small modules and compile directly a compressed file with postcss-cssnext and postcss-nano
  • CSS: Update CSS with normalize 4.4.1
  • CSS: add max-width module
  • CSS: improve size class
  • CSS: placeholder-imgs: use alt attribut instead class
  • CSS: remove config.css file and place CSS vars in each specific file
  • CSS: table grid: add --auto option
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Oct 22, 2015