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Ace Editor for Textpattern write tab
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Tom Write Editor

Tom Write Editor is a texpattern plugin that adds a distraction free writing environment for the Textpattern write tab with some advanced features. It's an editor for geek writers!


  1. Copy the tom-WE folder directly in the textpattern folder.
  2. Install and activate the tom_write_editor_v*.txt plugin from the Textpattern plugin tab.


For a new article, the best practice is to enter Title and Sort and display informations (section + category) of the article, select Draft as Status and Save.

Click on the button available nearby the Body label to open the editor and start writing.

Basic Ace editor features

Tom-WE uses Ace Editor (a Javascript Editor), synchronized with the body textarea. Ace editor offers some additional features to textarea such as:

  • Tabs / indent.
  • Simple textile syntaxic coloration.
  • Duplicate / move lines or part of text.
  • Find / replace
  • Macros
  • Snippets
  • etc.

Some specifics features for Textpattern

  • Display directly from editor Article/images/files/links tab via keyboard shortcuts or buttons in a right panel.
  • Insert a code snippet to editor via drag & drop from an opened Article/images/files/links tab
  • Add custom Snippets.
  • Save your article with ctrl-S command-s
  • See a live preview of your article (the preview is automatically refreshed when you save).

Change Editor prefs

Editor preferences are stored in a prefs-default json file. Please don't change this file. You risk to loose your changes after updated this plugin. A blank prefs-user json file is dedicated to fit your needs.

Just copy-paste preferences object you want to change and upadate values.


You use rah_knots plugin that already add a keyboard shortcuts to save your article. Just overwrite Editor save shortcut using false in the prefs-user file

	"bindKey" : {
		"save" : false

Add custom snippets

Ace editor comes with some snippets. But you can add custom snippets in the additional-snippets json file.


		"name" : "txp_img",
		"tabTrigger" : "timg",
		"content" : "<txp:image id='${1:id}' />"
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