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Cir-PWN-life is proof of concept for exploiting multiple vulnerabilities affecting Circontrol products in an automated way.

alt text

CVE Description
CVE-2018-12634 CirCarLife Scada < v4.3 allows remote attackers to obtain sensitive information via a direct request for the html/log or services/system/info.html URI.
CVE-2018-16668 CirCarLife Scada < v4.3 internal installation path disclosure.
CVE-2018-16669 Due to a clear-text stored credentials, an unprivileged user can gain access to other services with higher privileges exploiting a flaw on Open Charge Point Protocol web implementation. All versions prior to <1.5.0 are vulnerable.
CVE-2018-16670 CirCarLife Scada < v4.3 allows remote attackers to obtain the status of PLCs used at charge stations.
CVE-2018-16671 CirCarLife Scada < v4.3 allows remote attackers to obtain software and hardware versions.
CVE-2018-16672 CirCarLife Scada < v4.3 allows remote authenticated attackers to obtain critical details about the carge station including credentials for GPRS Router.

Finding targets

Engine Dork Results
Shodan Server: CirCarLife 506
Shodan Server: PsiOcppApp 1057
Zoomeye "Server: CirCarLife Scada" 984

alt text alt text alt text

Bruteforce module

Bruteforce module can be started entering b as user when it's requested Bruteforce dictionary format -> username:password Default credentials -> admin:1234


  • 2018/06/21 - CVE-2018-12634 CVE assigned
  • 2018/09/04 - Vendor contacted without response
  • 2018/09/06 - CVE-2018-16668 - 16672 CVE assigned
  • 2018/09/06 - Spanish government CERT contacted for coordinated disclosure and further contact with the vendor to publish a patch.
  • 2018/09/10 - POC published

Last update: 2018/09/10. No patch available

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