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  1. Name (Project heading) : Android based Adaptive Evaluation System

  2. Remote Centre ID (RC_ID) : 1067

  3. College / Institute Name : St. Francis Institute of Technology

  4. City, State, Pin Code: Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400103

  5. Name/’s of the Student : Ms. Safa Hamdare

  6. About (Short Description / Summary): Adaptive Evaluation System is an Android Application where students can give test through app. It also has a web version which can be found at Students are expected to complete 30 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) within 30 minutes. Questions posed to students are adaptive in nature, i.e., they are determined by the way student has given previous answers. Questions can be either of three levels, level 1, level 2, level 3. Level 1 question are easy, level 2 questions are intermediate whereas level 3 questions are hardest. Level 1 question carries 1 mark, level 2 carries 2 mark whereas level 3 carries 3 marks. Each test contains each level of problems. Students can give test whenever, wherever he/she wants.

Features of the System with Screenshot of the Application:

A. Login & Registration Form for System

alt tag

B. Main Page Form for System

alt tag

C. Test Page Form for System

alt tag

D. Test Report Page Form for System

alt tag

  1. Install (Installation procedure): Step by step procedure to install software. Android executable file (.apk) can be found here at Download the apk and click on "Install" option to install the application on your device. If you are unable to install apk file on your device, please go to Settings->Security->Install Third party apps, make sure this option is checked. If you are unable to view questions, you might be connected to very slow network. Please connect to Wi-Fi or 3G service for better, faster and smoother experience.

  2. Usage (add instruction on how to use the app, or you can redirect to External link if you have one):- i)On the Mobile handset run and install the apk file. ii)Click on the Adaptive Evaluation system application then login with user credentials if an existing user, else first register as a new user. iii)Once the user is logged in, he can either view the reports or can give a new test. iv)To start with a new test, click on “Start Test” button. v)There would be 30 different questions that a student needs to answer within a time span of 30 minutes, once the test start, timer begins. vi)Student can check the radio button for appropriate answer and then click on “Next Question” button to attempt the next question. vii)If user wants to end the test in between he can simply click on “Submit” button. viii)At the end of the test, by default the test report would be available for user reference, which user can view even latter on next login.

  3. Contact (email id or mailing list link/Google-group):- This project is created and maintained by Safa Hamdare, Assistant Professor at St. Francis Institute of Technology, Borivli-West. Contact me at

  4. License (GNU GPL version 3 with link to full license on site.):- Yes


Android based mobile application system that dynamically customizes questions for students based on the previous question he/she has answered



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