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A simple python implementation of a BITS server.
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Dor Azouri
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SimpleBITSServer (Background Intelligent Transfer Service)

A simple python implementation of a BITS server. BITS protocol is used to transfer files asynchronously between a client and a server. The BITS protocol metadata communication resides mainly in BITS-defined HTTP headers, all start with prefix "BITS-". For that reason, this implemantation is based on python's built-in SimpleHTTPRequestHandler.

The implementation corresponds to the MSDN specification for client and server packets.

  • It was originally developed as an ad-hoc utility for modelling a BITS upload job scenario.
  • The corresponding client is Windows' built-in PowerShell cmdlet.
  • Therefore, It is not intended to fully implement or abide to the official specification. Further work may be done in the future to expand the specification coverage.


Official protocol specification - Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)

Example use at SafeBreach Labs



  • Tested with Python 2.7:
python [port]



  • Must run on a Windows OS to use the Microsoft Windows BITS Service.
  • Ports or protocol mimics might exist, please inform us if you do find
  • a BITS client, preferably PowerShell's Start-BitsTransfer. Alternatively:
  • Windows' built in utility - bitsadmin.exe (deprecated)
  • Any program implementing the required interfaces as described on MSDN

The simple PowerShell usage this server was built to service:

> Import-Module BitsTransfer
> Start-BitsTransfer -TransferType Upload -Source C:\temp\to_upload.txt -Destination -DisplayName TEST


Dor Azouri - Initial work

See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


WTFPL - do What the Fuck You Want To Public License

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