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Chrominimum 1.0.0

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Barebone web browser based on Chromium for Windows, with WebRTC support. Intended for usage as third-party application with SEB 3.x, especially in cases where live proctoring based on WebRTC is required.


Chrominimum requires the prerequisites listed below in order to work correctly. These are automatically installed with the setup bundle and need only be manually installed when using the MSI packages.


Please use the setup bundle for installation! The setups are mainly provided for system administrators who require MSI packages for their automated installation procedures.


Use a command-line parameter or the application configuration file to specify the URL to be loaded initially. The command-line parameter takes precedence over the configuration file and must always be the first parameter if used. Additionally, any of the optional parameters listed below may be used to control various features of the browser. Keyboard shortcuts F5 and CTRL+R reload the current page (if reloading is not disabled).


Chrominimum.exe [optional parameters]


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
        <add key="StartUrl" value="" />
Parameter Effect
allow-navigation Enables forward and backward navigation via the application menu.
disable-reload Disables reloading (both via shortcuts and the application menu).
hide-menu Hides the application menu.
maximized Opens the browser window maximized.