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Safe Exam Browser for macOS and iOS, SEB Verificator for macOS

Open SafeExamBrowser.xcodeproj in a recent version of Xcode (currently 13.4.1). For building you have to switch off code signing or add your own code signing identities. SEB uses the entitlement, which needs to be requested from Apple for your developer team.

Currently main reflects SEB for macOS/iOS 3.1. This is the first version using a unified macOS/iOS/iPadOS Xcode project (Xcode workspace with both macOS and iOS targets).

All information about Safe Exam Browser you'll find at, especially see Other documentation is available in the according repositories. Search discussions boards if you don't find information in the manual and SEB How To document (see links on page Support).

For your information: The correct way how to spell SEB for user-facing text is all three letters in CAPS. If you find SEB written as seb in code, then that's ok if it's some symbol users will never see. If you find SEB written as Seb, then that is definitely WRONG.