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SEB 2.3 for Windows offers new features, which increase security and usability significantly.

Please note our new update policy: We will only support the latest SEB version and will remove all older SEB versions after a grace period. Only with updated SEB versions you can achieve the best possible security and stability of e-assessments.

Before asking any support question or reporting a bug, install the latest SEB version and try to reproduce the issue with the most recent version.

Please keep your exam environment up to date, there is no alternative to regular updates.

New in SEB 2.3:

  • Implemented private clipboard (optional, see Security tab). When enabled, cut/copy/paste works only with content inside the SEB browser, the private clipboard doesn't accept content from other applications or tools.
  • Added zooming of browser windows using the Ctrl +/- shortcuts.
  • Now the option "Allow downloading and uploading files" is supported in SEB for Windows, at least downloads can be enabled/disabled with this option (Down-/Uploads tab).
  • The dialog "Open File With... Safe Exam Browser" is no longer displayed unless the option "Open files after downloading" is enabled (Down-/Uploads tab).
  • Enabled SpeechSynthesis API
  • Fixed issue when opening a PDF with a link to be opened in a new browser window (target = _blank or JavaScript open), a second, empty browser window was opened.
  • Deactivated printing in the built-in PDF.js viewer, as that opened a security hole.
  • Now it's possible to open an embedded PDF file (embedded Additional Resource) when starting a SEB session, instead of a Start URL.
  • mailto: links are now being ignored.
  • Fixed bug with last allowed application not starting and all started applications not closing when using SEB without browser.
  • SEB now can connect to some servers which are using Basic Authentication.
  • Fixed issue with quitting SEB when Firefox was running.
  • More eligible SSL/TLS certificates are displayed in the list "Choose TLS/SSL certificate to embed into configuration..." and the one for CA certificates in SEB Config Tool / Network / Certificates.
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