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A collection of Christian ebooks
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🎉 A collection of Christian ebook

This project aim to provide Christian ebook collection for everyone, every device.


To run this application on your machine, first clone the repository and install the required dependencies:

git clone
cd christian-ebook-collection
yarn install

Run the dev script to compile the content and spawn a local server to serve the compiled code. While this script is running, any changes made to the markdown files will automatically be updated on the locally served pages.

yarn dev

To prepare the application for deployment, first run yarn build to compile the application in production mode. This will generate a directory in content/.vuepress called dist.

yarn install -g serve
yarn build
cd content/.vuepress/dist
serve .


Script Description
dev Compiles content and serves bundled code
build Compiles content and other static assets for deployment
lint Runs markdown linter to check lint errors
test Runs lint script


Please refer to the Contributing Guide.


This is free and open source software released into the public domain.

For more information, please refer to

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