Safecast Devices

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Safecast Devices

Up to date resources for currently active Safecast devices.
Mailing Lists: Safecast Devices Discussion Group | Announcement Only List

Drivecast (mobile devices)

bGeigie Nano

The primary mobile workhorse for collecting radiation data. Arduino based. Kit format.
Main Page

Order Parts and Kits
Order a bGeigie nano kit
Parts list
Order a single PCB
Sensor: LND 7314 2" Pancake
Add bluetooth to your nano

Firmware and Files
Latest firmware | OSX one click uploader | for PC use XLoader
Templates for lasercut plates Latest PCB Files

Nano Wiki
Assembly Manual
Operations Manual
Upload Nano Log Files

Hardware Version v1.0r2
Assembly Manual

Hardware Version v1.0r3
Assembly Manual

bGeigie How To Use video
Info sheet - English | Japanese | German | Spanish | Hebrew | Czech | Kazakh | Portuguese | Russian | Slovak | Swedish | Chinese | Ukranian | More languages etc. here |


Designed by bunnie, manufactured by International Medcom, Inc. A limited, numbered edition of these were sold in clear plastic cases through a kickstarter campaign. Retail production model comes in a black plastic housing.
Sensor: LND 7314 2" Pancake
Bluetooth: No

Pointcast (static devices)

A fixed sensor device. Currently second generation and available in two version. One is Ethernet and other is 3G wireless. A third version(LoRaWAN) is in development. First generation is called nGeigie (ARDUINO UNO with custom shield). Development of firmware is ongoing.

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