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Saffron Code

About SaffronCode SDK

SaffronCode is a collection of codes & libraries for producing powerful and flexible softwares for various operating systems as Android, iOS and desktop. You can easily create your own mobile application in the Adobe Animate and Flash graphic environment. By taking help from sample files and studying guide and join the forums, you can build softwares with very flexible graphic interfaces in the shortest time. SaffronCode contains more than 1,000 ready-made libraries that have been using and testing several times in various software. SaffronCode provided the possibility to convert default Flash TextFields to a GPU friendly and RTL texts in the Adobe Animate.

You can be an app developer by using Adobe Animate & SaffronCode SDK

• You do not need programming knowledge to be a software developer, you can build a variety of software and brochures without having to write a line of code. You can easily prepare graphical and animated pages in Adobe Animate’s graphic environment for the production of mobile software.
• To use the extensive and diverse libraries in this set, you should only be familiar with Ecma Script 6 or Action Script so you can add calendars, lists, dynamic images and ... to your software. With a higher level of software knowledge, you can easily create a variety of software that connects to a lot of different web services without any hassle of managing Internet access and cache storage.
• Do not worry about managing hardware resources. SaffronCode will optimize your software code to run on mobile devices by using GPU resources.

How To Start?

SaffronCode is adding to the Adobe Animate environment to build mobile applications output. To get ready the environment, follow these steps: • Install the appropriate version of Adobe Animate
• Download SaffronCode SDK
• Download our ASPack libraries to. you need these libraries to be able to use all features on SaffronCode.
• Download ASPack
Flex and other general swc libraries (if you need soap web services)
• Download the latest version of the Air SDK
• Download the sample project here

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Usefull Links (Software auxiliary tools such as software icon production) (Provide a variety of native libraries)