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A sample plugin for CraftBukkit
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This is a sample plug-in for the Bukkit API. It requires a CraftBukkit server. Bukkit can be found at

The goal of this sample plug-in is to provide a base for other plug-ins. This plugin has a main class named SamplePlugin, one CommandExecutor named SampleCommandExecutor and one Listener named SampleListener.

This plug-in provides the ability for a login message to be sent to players connecting. A player with the "sample.message" permissions can set the message. Ops by default have this permission.

This plugin serves as a basis for the BukkitPlugin-archetype (


This plugin has a Maven 3 pom.xml and uses Maven to compile. Dependencies are therefore managed by Maven. You should be able to build it with Maven by running

mvn package

a jar will be generated in the target folder. For those unfamiliar with Maven it is a build system, see for more information.

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