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Synapse DCC Utilities

Code for managing data coordinating operations (e.g., development of the CSBC/PS-ON Knowledge Portal and individual Center pages) for Sage-supported communities through Synapse. Currently this package is able to:

  • Build tables and charts to summarize annotations from a view
  • Build a DCC dashboard to summarize multiple projects
  • Provide tools/scripts to handle metadata management (e.g to/from GEO)
  • Pull publications from PubMed
  • Build projects
  • Invite members to a team

What to see examples? Go to config/

Getting Started

There are a few ideas to get started using this package

Building visualizations from a file view

Here we can use a file view with annotations to create multiple charts of visualizations

Summarizing projects by dashboard

Here we can summarize activity by project, date added, data type, etc.


Code in this respository should be validated before commits are pushed, pull requests made, etc. We can use pre-commit hooks to do this.

  1. Install the awslabs git-secrets script to your dev environment
  2. Make sure the git-secrets script is in the $PATH of your shell
  3. Run git secrets --install && git secrets --register-aws while in the local repository
  4. git-secrets will run before commits but will only output when it finds a problem


code for managing data coordinating operations through Synapse



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