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Argos SDK



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Clone repository

  • Open a command prompt.

  • change to the base directory where you want to download source code, eg

    cd \projects
  • Execute the following commands (clone shown with SSH URL. Substitute with HTTP or Git Read-Only URL as applicable)

    mkdir sage\mobile\products (or "mkdir -p sage\mobile\products" from Git Bash)
    cd sage\mobile
    git clone

Note: If you're downloading the source zip file instead of using git directly, the net of the above is that you will want to establish a root folder for the argos projects (in our case, we used "mobile"). Put argos-sdk in that root folder, and any product-specific projects (such as argos-saleslogix) under a products sub-folder. When you download and extract the zip file, you will probably have a top-level folder named something like "Sage-argos-sdk-nnnnn". It is this folder that you will want to rename to "argos-sdk".

You should end up with a folder structure like this: source\sage\mobile\argos-sdk source\sage\mobile\products<products like argos-saleslogix go here>