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ActiveModel backed Zuora integration
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This library allows you to interact with Zuora billing platform directly using familiar ActiveModel based objects.


All additional requirements for development should be referenced in the provided zuora.gemspec and Gemfile.


git clone

Getting Started

$ bundle install
$ bundle exec irb -rzuora

Zuora.configure(:username => 'USER', :password => 'PASS')

account = Zuora::Objects::Account.create(:account_number => '12345')
# => <Zuora::Objects::Account :account_number => 12345, :id => 'abc123'>
# => <Zuora::Objects::Account :account_number => 12345, :id => 'abc123'>
# => true


You can generate up to date documentation with the provided a rake task.

$ rake doc
$ open doc/index.html

Advanced Usage

Review the generated documentation for usage patterns and examples of using specific zObjects.

Test Suite

This library comes with a full test suite, which can be run using the stanard rake utility.

  $ rake spec

Multiple Connectors

There are mutiple connectors available to us to communicate from library to Zuora (or even a test SQLite database)

To set your connector:

Zuora::Objects::Base.connector_class = Zuora::YourChosenConnector

Default SOAPConnector

This one is for normal usage, and is configured in the usual way. You do not need to explicitly set this connector. It uses the SOAP api for Zuora

SQLite Connector

This connector is for usage in tests, and allows you to model fixtures and factories using the ZObjects, but within an in memory SQLite database. To use this:

require 'zuora/sqlite_connector'
Zuora::Objects::Base.connector_class = Zuora::SqliteConnector
Zuora::SqliteConnector.build_schema #Builds the sqlite schema from the ZObjects defined

Multiple Config SOAPConnector

This connector is for when you need to authenticate with Zuora using mutiple credentials, and allows you to specify within a block which config to use. This is done per-thread, so will not effect other requests.

Zuora::Objects::Base.connector_class = Zuora::MultiSoapConnector

# Note we don't use Zuora.configure, as that's global:
Zuora::MultiSoapConnector.configure :named_config, :username => 'u', :password => 'p'
Zuora::MultiSoapConnector.configure :another_config, :username => 'u2', :password => 'p2'

#To select a specific one at run time (required)
Zuora::MultiSoapConnector.use_config :named_config do
  # Make use of ZObjects where, will authenticate and use
  # specific config
  Accounts.where('condition = TRUE')

Live Integration Suite

There is also a live suite which you can test against your sandbox account. This can by ran by setting up your credentials and running the integration suite.

Do not run this suite using your production credentials. Doing so may destroy data although every precaution has been made to avoid any destructive behavior.

  $ ZUORA_USER=login ZUORA_PASS=password rake spec:integrations

Support & Maintenance

This library currently supports Zuora's SOAP API version 38.



  • Wildfire Ineractive for facilitating the development and maintenance of the project.
  • Zuora for providing us with the opportunity to share this library with the community.
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