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Sage Pay Now PrestaShop Credit Card Payment Module


PrestaShop is an open source e-commerce platform.

This is the Sage Pay Now module which gives you the ability to take credit card transactions online.

Download Instructions

Download the files from the location below to a temporary location on your computer.



You will need:

  • Sage Pay Now login credentials
  • Sage Pay Now Service key
  • PrestaShop admin login credentials

Sage Pay Now Gateway Server Configuration Steps:

  1. Log into your Sage Pay Now Gateway Server configuration page:
  2. Go to Account / Profile
  3. Click Sage Connect
  4. Click Pay Now
  5. Make a note of your Service key

Sage Pay Now Callback

  1. Choose the following URLs for your Notify, Redirect, Accept and Decline URLs: http(s)://(www.)

Sage Pay Now Plugin Installation and Activation

  1. Upload the contents of the downloaded ZIP archive to your site. In /modules/ there should be a paynow/ folder. No files should be overriden.
  2. Login to your PrestaShop website as admin

PrestaShop Configuration

  1. Select "Modules" > "Module Manager" in the admin menu.
  2. Look for or search for "PayNow" and click "Install".
  3. Put in you Service Key and click "Save".
  4. Turn off debugging if you're in a production/live environment.

Tested with PrestaShop v1.7

Issues / Feedback / Feature Requests

Please do the following should you encounter any problems:

Turn OFF debugging when you are in a production environment.

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