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Sage Simulation & Modeling Library

Support for Discrete Event, Agent-based, System Dynamics and Block-and-Connector Flow Simulation.

by Highpoint Software Systems, LLC

Sage® is our third-generation object oriented simulation class library and framework. It is written in C# and is under the active development and stewardship of a software engineer with over 25 years' experience writing simulations and simulation engines, and decades of experience doing object-oriented architecture, design, & development. It is built on Microsoft's .Net Foundation, so you will have the full power of that framework at hand. You can build libraries, apps, services, web services, plugins, etc, and tap the vast Windows development market for components and professional services.

Sage® is:

  • A Discrete-Event and Agent-Based Simulation Engine built from around 25,000 lines of C# code.
  • Supportive of System-Dynamics techniques either standalone, or as part of a DES/ABM implementation.
  • Open source, licensed under Affero GPL v3. (Less restrictive terms are available.)
  • Proven through customers in pharma, military, mining, climate modeling, simulation tooling, and other industries.

Support includes:

Development environment:

  • You will need Visual Studio 2015 (Community Edition) or better/more recent.

Obtain the code:


--> Email

For more information:

Please visit Highpoint Software Systems' website.



Sage Modeling and Simulation Library is a general purpose discrete event and/or agent-based simulation engine.





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