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Common Lisp library for Kafka
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A Common Lisp wrapper for librdkafka via CFFI to allow CL programs to interact with a Kafka cluster.

The project structure is modelled after cl-charms:

  • The cl-rdkafka/low-level package (nicknamed to cl-rdkafka/ll) wraps the librdkafka/rdkafka.h header file.

  • And the cl-rdkafka package (nicknamed to kf) is a higher-level Kafka interface. There's still work to be done for this package to make it more ergonomic so it's likely to change.


It's best to read the librdkafka docs when using the cl-rdkafka/ll package, and the test directory will be useful, too.

Here are a few examples for the kf package:


(ql:quickload :cl-rdkafka)

(let ((messages '(("key-1" "value-1") ("key-2" "value-2")))
      (producer (make-instance 'kf:producer
                               :conf (kf:conf
				      "bootstrap.servers" "")
                               :key-serde #'kf:object->bytes
                               :value-serde #'kf:object->bytes)))
     for (k v) in messages
     do (kf:produce producer "topic-name" v :key k))

  (kf:flush producer (* 2 1000)))


(ql:quickload :cl-rdkafka)

;; see librdkafka and kafka docs for config info

(let* ((string-serde (lambda (x)
                       (kf:bytes->object x 'string)))
       (conf (kf:conf
	      "bootstrap.servers" ""
	      "" "consumer-group-id"
	      "" "false"
	      "auto.offset.reset" "earliest"
	      "" "broker"
	      "enable.partition.eof"  "false"))
       (consumer (make-instance 'kf:consumer
                                :conf conf
                                :key-serde string-serde
                                :value-serde string-serde)))
  (kf:subscribe consumer '("topic-name"))

     for message = (kf:poll consumer (* 2 1000))
     while message

     for key = (kf:key message)
     for value = (kf:value message)

     collect (list key value)

     do (kf:commit consumer)))

;; => (("key-1" "message-1") ("key-2" "message-2"))

Contributing and Hacking

PRs and GitHub issues are always welcome and feel free to email me with any questions.

To run the tests (from the project root):

$ docker-compose -f ./test/docker-compose.test.yml \
  up --build --abort-on-container-exit test
$ docker-compose -f ./test/docker-compose.test.yml down

To spin up and teardown a dockerized Kafka cluster to hack against:

# start a cluster on
$ docker-compose up --build -d
# tear the cluster down
$ docker-compose down
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