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What does MaSIV do?

  • MaSIV is an image viewer, designed for large (>100GB) 3D image datasets.
  • It works by creating a downsampled stack, which is then navigated as you would a regular 3D image stack.
  • However, the program pulls data from the hard disk to a cache when zoomed in, allowing all the original detail to be viewed
  • Features can be added using plugins
  • Works on Linux, OS X, and Windows

What kind of data can I view in MaSIV?

  • In theory, MaSIV should work with any 3D image set, stored in disk in individual xy planes saved as .tif images
  • MaSIV has been designed to accept data where each depth is stored in a separate tiff. A text file tells MaSIV which planes are to be grouped together into a single 3D image.
  • Currently there no support for multiple channels.


  • Clone the repo and add only the root MaSIV directory to the MATLAB path.
  • Dependencies:
    • Image Processing Toolbox
    • Parallel Processing Toolbox
    • Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox
    • Subpixel Registration
  • Run 'masiv'

Using MaSIV

Please see the Wiki for further information and file an issue if you run into bugs or have a question.


MATLAB Streaming Image Viewer - a viewing and analysis platform for ultra-large 3D imaging data



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