A pipeline processor to create a Data Folder patch config file in Sitecore SIM installations.
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Sitecore SIM Data Folder Config Patch Pipeline Processor

This is a pipeline processor for the Sitecore Instance Manager, that creates a DataFolder.config patch file in the App_Config/Include directory when a new instance is installed or reinstalled.

More information can be found on my blog here.

Note: This build is for SIM 1.3 - Update 3 only. Don't use these files for any other versions as it'll cause installations to fail.

How to install

Copy the __install files\Hedgehog.SIM.Pipelines.DLL file to the root SIM directory (where you run SIM from).
Copy the __install files\Pipelines.config file over the top of the default SIM Pipelines.config file in the root SIM directory.

Note: If you don't want to stomp the Pipelines.config file above, then manually your existing one with the following:-

Underneath the <install><step><processor type="SIM.Pipelines.Install.SetDataFolder, SIM.Pipelines"/> node.
<processor type="Hedgehog.SIM.Pipelines.Install.SetDataFolderPatch, Hedgehog.SIM.Pipelines" title="Setting data folder patch file" />

Underneath the <reinstall><step><processor type="SIM.Pipelines.Reinstall.SetDataFolder, SIM.Pipelines"/> node.
<processor type="Hedgehog.SIM.Pipelines.Reinstall.SetDataFolderPatch, Hedgehog.SIM.Pipelines" title="Setting data folder patch file" />

How to Build

To build, copy the DLLs for SIM into the References folder. See the README.txt file in there.
You can now build the solution.

How to use

Once installed, restart SIM. Now all future installations will have a correct DataFolder.config patch file in the App_Config\Include folder.