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Slack API in R
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r slack api.R

Slack API

Author: Weihan Li

Usage: slack.simple.message slack.detailed.message

Simple Message: slack.simple.message(text,channel) e.g: slack.simple.message("text","@colin") slack.simple.message("text","#general")

Message with link:,url,text,target) e.g:"text","","@colin","")

Detailed Message : slack.detailed.message(target,pretext,title,,text,subtitle,subcontent,imageurl,footer,footericon,color,author) e.g: slack.detailed.message(target="@colin",pretext = "pretext is here", title = "title is here", = "", text = "text is here", subtitle = "subtitle is here" subcontent="subcontnet", author = "colin", imageurl = "", )

Upload File: slack.upload(filename,title,comments,channels) e.g: slack.upload("C:\Users\xxx\Desktop\combine_1.PNG", "title","comments","@colin")

Most argument are self explanatory @param: target which channel to post the message to (chr) @imageurl: put the url of a image here (chr)

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