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based on java signals.
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an useless library for refactor ur messy if/else business logic.


  • Java 6

Mini DSL

State start = createState("start");
start.enter = new Signal(String.class).add(callee, true, "beep", "<============= start enter helloWorld ===============>");
start.exec = new Signal(String.class).add(callee, true, "beep", "<============= i am in start state ===============>");
// new service state
State service = createState("service");
// add enter and exit signal
service.enter = new Signal(String.class).add(callee, true, "beep", "<============= service enter helloWorld ===============>");
service.exec = new Signal(String.class).add(callee, true, "beep", "<============= i am in service state ===============>");
service.exit = new Signal(String.class).add(callee, false, "beep", "<============= service exit byeWorld ===============>");
// new task state
State task = createState("task");
task.enter = new Signal(String.class).add(callee, true, "beep", "<============= task enter helloWorld ===============>");
// new end state
State end = createState("end");
end.exec = new Signal(String.class).add(callee, true, "beep", "<============= i am in end state ===============>");
// process transition"a > 5");"a <= 5");;;

Dot Support

Graphviz is open source graph visualization software.

install grapviz

on ubuntu or debian:

apt-get install graphviz


gen dot file


wow: folder will found :


Javascript Interpreter

  • use it in Transition class / when method,true or false?

Running Statemachine

exec the src/example Main to run a statemachine.

Architecture Overview

Statemachine is organized into two parts: a state machine and a java signals which is inspired by as3signals.each state has three inject point.(enter exec exit)u can use it do anything u want with signals.


  • Statemachine is not a "java like" java library. if u dont like this style. u can change it by urself.



Statemachine is licensed under the MIT License. (See LICENSE)

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