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Jumper settings

The jumper meaning is as follows:

  • J1 - READY signal generation
    • 1-2 (up) - READY generation based on SELx and INDEX (use for unmodified PC drives)
    • 2-3 (down) - READY passed from disk drive (use for Amiga drives)
  • J2 - DISK CHANGE signal passing
    • 1-2 (up) - DISK CHANGE passed from disk drive pin 34 (use for umodified PC drives)
    • 2-3 (down) - DISK CHANGE passed from disk drive pin 2 (use for Amiga drives)
  • J3 - SELx signal passing
    • 1-2 (up) - Disk drive is set as DS1 (typical PC drives)
    • 2-3 (down) - Disk drive is set as DS0 (typical Amiga drives)
  • J4 - DFx select
    • Uppermost position - DF1 (DF0 for CDTV) OR automatic DFx select in external floppy drive chain (only if this drive is the last one in chain)
    • Middle position - Force DF2 (DF1 for CDTV)
    • Lowest position - Force DF3 (DF2 for CDTV)
  • J5 - DD/HD drive select
    • jumper closed - DD drive installed (real Amiga DD drive, or unmodified PC HD drive treated as DD drive - this is most likely what you want)
    • jumper open - HD drive installed (real HD Amiga drive, or modified PC HD drive)

J1 is the leftmost (holding PCB so that floppy power is at left), the J5 is in the middle of the PCB below R3 and between ICs.