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cycript unit testing "framework" for iPhone applications/extensions
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Selenography is a set of functions made to facilitate unit testing running iPhone applications or extensions via Cycript's ability to hook into running processes.

A Brief Note

I developed Selenography to have an in-house testing framework for my SpringBoard hooks. Most, if not all development on it will go towards that goal. Very rarely will I use Selenography against (sandboxed) App Store applications or other processes, though it should work (theoretically).


  • A jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch
  • Cycript
  • Some way of getting on a shell; ideally OpenSSH, though there's no reason you couldn't do everything in MobileTerminal if you wanted to.

How to Use

See the examples directory for a short, not-so-descriptive example. I plan on putting the FCSB tests in the examples directory once I'm done testing it to give people a better idea of real-world use. For now, this will have to do.

Assertion Types

Typical Assertions

  • assertTrue/assertFalse/assertEquals/assertNotEquals ### Obj-C Assertions
  • assertRespondsToSelector: Passes if the passed object responds to a selector
  • assertIsKindOfClass/assertNotKindOfClass: Passes if the passed object is an instance of the passed in class or one of its subclasses.
  • (soon?) assertClassExists: Passes if a class is found to exist via objc_getClass() ### Benchmark Assertions
  • assertRunsFasterThan: Passes if the passed in block runs faster than N milliseconds over X iterations on average.
  • assertAlwaysRunsFasterThan: Passes if the passed in block runs faster than N milliseconds each iteration for X iterations.

Interesting Use Cases

  • Environment testing; build a suite of tests to check for private methods your extension uses to quickly evaluate compatibility on new OS releases (without needing to dump any headers!)
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