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Some small example code for the React/Redux/MobX presentation
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GeekEvening: React

Let's build a WebApps UI using React, No Slides / Just Code

step 01

  • start the create-react-app devserver:
npm run start (o yarn run start)
  • a browser is suddenly opened on http://localhost:3000
  • what secrets are hidden inside "src/App.js"
    • what is this weird import syntax?
    • are css and svg file imported as javascript modules?
    • open the devtools and inspect the page for clues
    • why are HTML and JS syntax mixed in this JavaScript file?
      • className? why not class?
      • what are the expressions inside the curly brackets
  • what happens if we make a change into the App.js file
  • what happens with errors? well, it depends... which kind of errors?
    • build errors vs. runtime errors
  • React Component
    • the render method
    • short component syntax (stateless react components)
    • the component props
  • React DevTools

step 02

  • what about index.js?
    • ReactDOM.render
    • the virtual DOM and the component life cycle
    • componentDidMount and ReactDOM.findDOMNode
    • refs and event handlers

step 03

  • state vs. props
    • props.children
    • setState
    • key

step 04: redux

  • Flux pattern and unidirectional state management
  • redux-store.js
    • actions, reducers and store
  • Provider, components vs containers, connect, mapStateToProps, dispatch
  • Redux DevTools
  • Redux DevTools extension

step 05: mobx

  • MobX vs. Redux
  • MobX observable (and the extendObservable helper)
  • MobX React observer
  • MobX DevTools

bonus step

  • testing React with Jest
  • smoke tests, shallow rendering tests with enzyme, Jest snapshot tests
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