Python framework for building portable automation for Salesforce projects
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Documentation Status Updates

CumulusCI is a command line tool belt and set of reusable Python classes useful in the development and release process of building a Salesforce Managed Package application.

Key Features

  • Out of the box, CumulusCI provides a complete best practice development and release process based on the processes used by to build and release managed packages to thousands of users
  • Flexible and pluggable system for running tasks (single actions) and flows (sequences of tasks)
  • OAuth based org keychain allowing easy connection to Salesforce orgs and stored in local files using AES encryption

If you just want a quick intro, watch this screencast demo of using CumulusCI to configure a Salesforce project from a GitHub repository:

CumulusCI 1.0 (Ant based) Users, PLEASE READ

The master branch now contains CumulusCI 2 which is not backwards compatible with the previous CumulusCI that was based on Ant. If you are using the Ant targets, please switch to using the legacy-1.0 branch of the repository which contains the Ant based version. Or, consider upgrading to CumulusCI 2.