Release Notes

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###Version 2.4.8

Release Date: 6/20/13

Bug Fixes

  • Fiscal Year Settings access in Salesforce Communities product can cause class decompiles at runtime for portal users Issue 34

###Version 2.4.7

Release Date: 5/30/13

Bug Fixes

  • CronTrigger check fails to exclude completed jobs Issue 32
  • HH Settings page hangs when no settings are present Issue 31

###Version 2.4.6

Beta 1: 5/8/13 | Release Date: 5/17/13

Bug Fixes

  • Field describe issue when using UDRs in rollups Issue 30

###Version 2.4.5

Release Date: 4/26/13

Bug Fixes

  • IE 10 rendering issue for Households page resolved (thank you James Melville) Issue 26
  • Modified and improved help text in the Households Settings page Issue 11 Issue 12
  • Added support for translated salutations in Household naming Issue 18
  • Changes to UDR fields will now trigger rollups if an update to the Account/Contact/Household is needed Issue 17
  • Added limiter to Opportunity Error retrieval to avoid collection size issues when 1000+ errors exist Issue 22
  • Rollups now check for Account Membership End and Join dates when making updates Issue 20
  • Rollups for Contacts and Households now fire post-Contact-Merge for any Contacts that have associated Opportunities via the primary OCR Issue 24
  • Households Manage VF page now respects autonaming settings by keeping autoname boxes unchecked Issue 21

New Features

  • Help & Description text added from NPSP Sprint(note: will not be available via patch push) (thank you Ehren Foss) Issue 16

###Version 2.4.4

Release Date: 6/29/2012

Bug Fixes

  • Softcredit Failure in Multicurrency Environment Corrected Issue 5
  • Field rendered uneditable for certain values in HH interface Issue 6
  • Creating an empty Household can cause issues when using the new interface Issue 7

###Version 2.4.3

Release Date: 6/25/2012

Bug Fixes

  • Household card sorting fixed Pull 3
  • Additional fields made available in interface fieldset
  • Fixed 'nullAND' query bug affecting certain types of Account rollups

###Version 2.4

Release Date: 6/13/2012

Bug Fixes

  • Chron Job limit now delivered via custom settings Issue 272
  • Invalid HH Mailing List ID fixed Issue 328
  • Default scheduled job limit increased Issue 330
  • Rollups rewritten to address SFDC DB-layer error and incremental issues Issue 331
  • Membership End Date edit will cause trigger-based rollups to fire Issue 334
  • Fiscal Year now dynamically determined at runtime Issue 336
  • Removed space Issue 339

New Features

  • User Defined Rollups revamped and available
  • New Household interface from the good people at Groundwire and Futurehope Issue 322, 1, 2
  • Households Settings interface reconfigured with new settings and tabs
  • Handle Opportunity rollups errors internally with the 'Rollup Errors' tab on the Households Settings page. View the type of error and the record on which it occurred
  • Nightly soft-credit rollups now available for Contact records based on Opportunity Contact Role. 'This Year', 'Last Year', 'Two Years Ago' and 'Total' soft credit amounts. Issue 324
  • 'Best Gift Year' and 'Best Gift Year Amount' stats now available
  • Determine which Contacts get a Household based on Recordtype Issue 153
  • Added 'escape hatch' for orgs accidentally configuring advanced currency management and/or custom exchange rates Issue 274
  • Users can now determine which members of a Household receive OCRs based on record type Issue 317

###Version 2.3.11

Release Date: 1/19/2012

Bug Fixes

  • Multicurrency null object bug fixed Issue 319
  • Household last gift Amount fixed Issue 320

###Version 2.3.10

Release Date: 12/16/2011

Bug Fixes

  • Issue on Opp Trigger when Insert Individual Account Opps

###Version 2.3.9

Release Date: 12/16/2011

Bug Fixes

  • Issue on Opp Trigger Rollups for Accounts

###Version 2.3.8

Release Date: 12/16/2011

Bug Fixes

  • Manual Rollups to Contacts w/o Households are now available Issue 277
  • Possible race condition defining list settings in UDR Issue 303
  • Households added to Campaign Mailing List dedupe report Issue 287/315
  • Always Rollup to Primary fixed for 1x1 Cons Issue 289
  • Workaround for Internal SFDC Query Error Implemented for Rollups Issue 316
  • Household OCRs for Bucket Accounts implemented if a Contact_ID_For_Role is provided pre-insert Issue 318

###Version 2.3.7

Release Date: 7/26/2011

Bug Fixes

  • Combination of defining a membership and Always rolling up to primary produced a null object error Issue 265
  • Batch test execution produced a null reference Issue 266
  • UDR beta - Namespace conflict caused UDR fail for Households Issue 268
  • Trigger context ignored Always Rollup to Primary for non 1x1 accounts Issue 269
  • Bucket accounts with large numbers of contacts cause query errors for HH naming as null Household IDs are selected in the query scope Issue 275

###Version 2.3.5

Release Date: 7/12/2011

Bug Fixes

  • Contacts that are not effected in nightly rollups should no longer be updated Issue 263
  • Household deletion and creation should now function as expected Issue 264

###Version 2.3.4

Release Date: 7/7/2011

Bug Fixes

  • Rollups for Contacts w/o Households re-enabled Issue 212
  • Blank Household addresses should no longer include comma [Issue 258] (
  • Moving a Contact now renames original Household as appropriate Issue 260
  • Moving a contact from a Household that results in an empty Household should now delete the empty Household Issue 261
  • Household Naming activation sequence should now run for all Households Issue 262

###Version 2.3

General Release Date: 6/20/11 Beta Release: 4/18/11

Bug Fixes

  • Memberships do not calculate in rollups with $0 values Issue 234Issue 235
  • Package install fails when default currency is set Issue 238
  • Household not deleted when last contact is removed Issue 114
  • Household not renamed on contact update/insert Issue 56
  • Setting Household field to required causes creation to fail with no message to user Issue 121 Issue 249
  • Account type exclusions error in OpportunityRollup.cls
  • Rendering of Update URL for packages in need of update (householdsettings)

New Features

  • Non-January Fiscal Years now supported for opportunity rollups Issue 230
  • N-Day calculations are now user configurable Issue 231
  • Membership grace periods on Households now user configurable Issue 232
  • Multi-currency support added Issue 239
  • Fields added for formal, informal greetings, code to populate Issue 245
  • Campaign Household Deduplication Code added Issue 253 Issue 255 Issue 256
  • User defined rollup fields over primary opportunity contact role now available (including new UDR wizard)(BETA)
  • Two new buttons to copy mailing addresses to and from Households and Contacts
  • Some new "hidden" settings for trigger toggling and optional async processing

###Version 2.0.9

Release Date: 02/19/2011

Bug Fixes

  • Aggregate queryMore() error for large rollups Issue 218
  • Membership max start date using incorrect field Issue 229

###Version 2.0.8

Release Date: 01/25/2011

Bug Fixes

  • Address minor issues with scheduled batch jobs that would occasionally cause data to be missed in roll ups.

###Version 2.0.5

Release Date: 01/24/2011

Bug Fixes

  • Addresses issue 212, 'Internal Salesforce Query Error'. Issue 212

###Version 2.0

Release Date: 12/xx/2010

New Features

  • Tons! Support for Bucket-Account Rollups. New fields and rollup calculations, including totals and amounts for last year, 2 years ago, and 365 days ago giving histories.
  • Household settings VF for easier access and control over rollup and householding behavior.
  • Nightly scheduled rollups
  • Membership fields and support

###Version 1.24

Release Date: 04/09/2010

Bug Fixes

  • Contact Roles for Household Members happens incorrectly Issue 169

###Version 1.23

Release Date: 03/19/2010

New Features

  • VisualForce for Household Donation History Issue 156
  • Contact Roles for Household Members on Opp creation Issue 151

###Version 1.22

Release Date: 10/08/09

Bug Fixes

  • Lifetime giving on Household double counts Opportunities Issue 129

###Version 1.19

Release Date: 09/11/09

New Features

  • Pulled hard-coded strings out of Apex code for translation Issue 96
  • Improved version naming convention so it's easier to see what you've got installed

###Version 1.18

Release Date: 6/15/09

Bug Fixes

  • Labeled fields not in use as DEPRECATED Issue 24
  • Overall code test quality increased Issue 50

New Features

  • Using new managed package version numbers (released Summer '09)


Release Date: 2/19/2009