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Hello! Use the included documentation to learn how to setup, use and customize Outbound Funds.

Outbound Funds Overview

The Outbound Funds (Core) managed package (and the NPSP Extension) has been designed to be a solid, expandable foundation for managing outbound grants, scholarships, internal programmatic funding requests…the possible use cases are truly endless!

Important note about Funding Requests as of July 2019: If you were an early adopter of the Outbound Funds package, the Funding Request object had a master-detail relationship with Funding Program when you installed it. However, various members of the community requested that this relationship be changed to a lookup to provide more flexibility. This change was made generally available with package version 1.15 as of 7/11/2019. To learn about updating to version 1.15, see the Funding Request Object documentation. New installations can install with metaDEPLOY installer and follow Core Package Basics instructions.


Beyond the Package

These sections are a collection of additional, optional configuration suggestions and may include some paid products. This not an exhaustive list of all products that could be used; additional options can be reviewed on the Salesforce AppExchange. Products listed here are not endorsements and should be evaluated by your organization before use. Check out the App Advice and Consumer Reports group in the Power of Us Hub to ask questions or access community generated app reviews and discussions.

Requesting New Features and Tracking Issues

New feature requests and issues are managed through the Salesforce Trailblazer Community. Add your feature requests to the IdeaExchange. Track issues through Known Issues.

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