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Nonprofit Success Pack - Relationships

The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is available as 5 managed packages. This is the Relationships package.
master branch contains the latest patched release of Relationships available 'in the wild' dev branch contains larger code/configuration changes for the next version, and may or may not be stable


  • Provides a Contact-to-Contact Relationship

For more information go to

How do I log an issue?

Issue logging for the Nonprofit Success Pack has moved! All issues for the Relationships package should now be logged here. All existing open issues have been moved to the new location.

If your issue applies to older versions of the stand-alone Affiliations package, please post them directly to the Power of Us Hub


  • This code can be deployed into a Salesforce organization using Eclipse or Ant
  • The master branch contain the most current release available via managed package
  • The dev branch contains the development source for the next major Recurring Donations release

Release Notes

Available here


Released under the BSD license.