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DreamHouse React Native Mobile App

React Native iOS implementation of the DreamHouse mobile app. DreamHouse is an end-to-end sample application that demonstrates how to build apps on the Salesforce platform. Visit the DreamHouse Microsite for more information.

This version of the application is built with React Native and the Salesforce Mobile SDK, including some new experimental features to generate parts of the UI using Salesforce metadata.

This is an experimental project published under ForceDotComLabs, which means that:

  1. It's work in progress
  2. We need your feedback
  3. Code contributions are welcome

iOS Screenshot iOS Screenshot

TrailheaDX Presentation

Watch the recording of the presentation delivered at the TrailheaDX conference:

iOS Screenshot

Installation Instructions

  1. Follow these instructions to install the Salesforce back-end.

  2. Clone this repository:

    git clone
  3. Navigate to the dreamhouse-mobile-react directory:

    cd dreamhouse-mobile-react
  4. Install the npm dependencies:

    npm install
  5. Install the cocoapods dependencies:

    pod install

    If the pod command is not found, install cocoapods first:

    sudo gem install cocoapods

    If the installation of cocoapods fails, you may need to upgrade the version of ruby installed on your system.

  6. Install rnpm if it's not yet installed on your system:

    npm install rnpm -g
  7. Link dependencies:

    rnpm link

Run in the iOS Emulator

  1. Type the following command to open the project workspace in Xcode:

    open dreamhouse.xcworkspace
  2. Start the development server:

npm start
  1. in Xcode, select a phone to emulate and click Run

Run on Device

  1. Start the development server:
npm start
  1. In Xcode, select the dreamhouse project in the Project Navigator and select the dreamhouse target.


  2. Specify a Bundle Identifier and a Team corresponding to a provisioning profile you created in the Apple Developer Portal.

  3. Select your phone in the device selector in the toolbar, and click Run.

Step-By-Step Tutorial

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to recreate the application from scratch.


There are two types of test examples in this repo; Mocha + Enzyme component tests and image comparison based Snapshot tests.

Mocha + Enzyme Tests

All tests live in the __tests__ directory of the specific component with the following naming schema componentname-enzymetest.js. Currently there are tests for PropertyList/ListItem and PropertyDetail/ActionBar.

To run

npm run test

Snapshot Tests

Snapshot tests are run from Xcode. You need to your react-native packager running and in Xcode > Product > Scheme > Edit Scheme, set an environment variable CI_USE_PACKAGER to 1.

Please refer to the dreamhouseSnapshotTests.m file. The components that will be tested are registered in js/testLib/snapshotTests.