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SalineOS scripts and utilties
CSS Shell
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AutoUpdate Check the apt lock file
Backup Fix improper quoting, add cancel options to file selection dialogs
CustomActions Polish dialogs, minor bug fixing
GrubDoctor Run blkid on $RootPart instead of grepping for it
Installer Update progress bar code
Magix Use yad to prompt the user for reboot as notify send won't display fo…
Package-Kit Update for use with firefox
Packagekit-other Resize pixmaps, add DEBIAN folders/files, move files
SOS-Firewall Fix main menu array
SalineOS-Autostart Re-write parts of Magix
Salty-Ice Add packaging files
WebAppPlugin Bump version number
clean Update progress bar code
desktopfiles Add modified imagemagick .desktop file, update mimeapps.list
ducky-key Ton of work
grub-doctor-uefi Fix random issues and add more command line options
key Add Midori 0.4.6, make needed updates to webapp plugin, move files an…
localizesys Fix loading translations if run outside installer
procurator Stop checking KVM output since it isn't helpful
remastersys Add deb packages for repo
saline-firefox Update firefox integration
saline-firereader Update firefox integration
saline-get Add saline-get
salineos-user-manual Hopefully fix Clean kernel removing code when multiple kernels are to…
salineos-utilities Update progress bar code
CHANGELOG Generate Changelog
README first commit
iceberg.png Add everything to git :)
icebergpng-copyright Add everything to git :)
packages Add browser-plugin-parole
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